Harry Styles “Obnoxious” At Restaurant?

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Harry Styles Obnoxious Restaurant

By Shari Weiss |

Harry Styles Obnoxious Restaurant

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Harry Styles was not “obnoxious” during a recent restaurant outing, despite a report that’s light on specifics and heavy on sensationalism. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which comes from one of the tabloids.

According to Star, Style is “adept at charming his screaming fans, but he seems to have a little trouble minding his manners with non-Directioners.” How so? Well, the magazine claims, “During a recent lunch in Los Angeles with friends, a witness saw the 22-year-old ream a valet who failed to address him as ‘sir’ — and he only got more boorish once seated at a table.”

“He was condescending to the waitress and went out of his way to make her uncomfortable by referring to her as ‘babe’ and ‘hun,'” a supposed “fellow diner” claims. “Overall, he was obnoxious. He chewed with his mouth open and banged his fists so hard on the table when he laughed that he spilled glasses, and then cackled hysterically. It was miserable sitting next to him.”

So, when did this incident take place? Star doesn’t say. At which restaurant was Styles “behaving badly”? Star doesn’t say. Why has no one else reported the singer acted “horrible” in a public place? Because none of this ever happened.

Styles wasn’t suddenly a jerk at an unnamed L.A. restaurant with Star the only outlet to get the details. The tabloid simply wanted to make the mild-mannered Brit look bad. Now Gossip Cop couldn’t blame him if he wanted to act “obnoxious” toward the magazine.


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