Harry Styles Did NOT “Shade” Taylor Swift With “Girl Crush” Performance

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Harry Styles Shade Taylor Swift

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Harry Styles Shade Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles recently covered the Little Big Town song “Girl Crush” in concert. That performance is now being twisted into “shade” against Taylor Swift. But Gossip Cop can debunk this nonsense claim.

“Harry Styles Sings ‘Girl Crush’ In Ex Taylor Swift’s Nashville Hometown — Is He Shading Her?” HollywoodLife asks in a headline. As if this was some monumental event, the webloid begins its piece by exclaiming, “Holy cow! Harry Styles performed a cover of ex Taylor Swift’s pals’ Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’ right in front of her home town fans in Nashville.” The site notes the stars “had a romance back in 2013 that went bad,” and wonders, “So is he giving a subtle reminder of it during a Sept. 25 concert in her hometown of Nashville?”

The outlet goes on, “We’ve got to wonder why he brought it out in the home town of his ex. Harry isn’t known for being a big country music fan, so for him to tap into Little Big Town’s award-winning hit seems a little strange considering he’s on ex Taylor’s home turf.” The online publication then points out that Swift penned the song “Better Man” for Little Big Town, and asks with Styles’ “Girl Crush” performance, “So is Harry hitting back at Taylor? Did he diss her in front of her hometown crowd?” The final question posed to readers is, “Do you think Harry was dissing Taylor by singing her friends’ songs biggest hit in her hometown?”

The answers, of course, are no, no and no. Let’s break this down: Swift wrote “Better Man” and Little Big Town recorded it. Styles performed “Girl Crush,” a different Little Big Town song at a concert in Nashville, where Swift has a home. Are these two events in any way related? Absolutely not. Styles’ decision to cover a Little Big Town track had nothing to do with Swift. And there’s nothing shady about singing a song from a group tangentially related to her. Nor is there anything about picking “Girl Crush” that constitutes a diss. Lyrically, the song is about being jealous of the person who has the heart of the one you love.

It’s about pining and longing. How would singing that kind of song be “hitting back” at Swift? It’s not. Frankly, Gossip Cop suspects that Styles could’ve chosen any song by any group to cover in Nashville and HollywoodLies still would’ve tried connecting it to Swift for the sake of clickbait. The webloid wanted to stir up their respective fan bases, not deliver a real news story. That’s why no reputable outlet linked Styles’ performance to Swift except for this site. Now THAT’S shady.