Harry Styles, Drake Named “Most Stylish Men In World” By GQ – SEE PHOTOS!

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Drake GQ Cover 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Drake GQ Cover 2016


Harry Styles, Drake, and Ryan Reynolds are among the 13 “Most Stylish Men In The World,” according to GQ. Check out the photos below!

The magazine unveiled its 2016 list of “The Most Stylish Men Alive” on Monday, along with five editions of its May cover. Drake scored his own, as did Reynolds, Tom Hardy, and Future. The last cover was given to Lucky Blue, an up-and-coming model who, the outlet jokes, is a “genetic sweepstakes winner.”

GQ writes of this year’s honorees, “No disrespect to the Hall of Famers — from Kanye to Clooney, Gosling to Pharrell — but this year we’re feeling a different, right-this-second strain of pro-level style. We speak of men who look just as sharp on the street as they do on the red carpet. Who realize that, in the camera-phone age, every little walk to the corner can turn into a photo op. And who rarely bother with suits — but when they do, they really make it count.”

Styles is nicknamed “The Prince of Prints,” and the magazine’s creative director notes, “To make this look work, it helps to have a pair of skinny black jeans—see how Harry’s wearing them in every single picture? Untuck that Hawaiian shirt, maybe roll up your sleeves. Walk out of the house with bedhead hair, a couple of tattoos, and a badass attitude.”

Who else made the cut and why? Check out the gallery below!



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