Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Do NOT Have Sex Tape, Despite Fake ‘#sextapelarry’ Trending Topic On Twitter

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Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Sex Tape

By Michael Lewittes |

Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Sex Tape

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson do not have a sex tape, despite the totally fabricated Twitter trending topic, “sextapelarry.” “Larry,” of course,” is the combination of Tomlinson and Styles’ first names. Now, Gossip Cop has found out how the singers and their management feel about these types of trending topics.

We’re exclusively told by a One Direction insider that the guys are by and large more “amused” than annoyed by the made-up hashtags, though generally “they don’t give [the UNTRUE trending topics] much thought” and would prefer the fandom “not fight over stuff that’s fake.” We hear management is “not bothered” either by these “pranky hashtags,” but would prefer people not further publicize the phony trending topics. Whoops.

For the most part, One Direction fans railed against the made-up hashtag “#sextapelarry.” One fan with the Twitter handle @SixnHarry wrote, “i am totally against #sextapelarry Louis’s is already becoming a dad and you still do this.” @PigeonPayne similarly tweeted, “This is so disrespectful… Stop it. #sextapelarry #RespectHarryAndLouis.”

Some fans, however, went to great lengths in an effort to perpetuate the entirely fake hashtag, with one person even creating a photoshopped picture of Niall Horan walking with a cardboard box that had “Harry & Louis sex tapes” written on it.

Just a suggestion from Gossip Cop: Maybe fans should focus on the real things, like how “Drag Me Down” broke a number of Spotify and iTunes records, and not on entirely made-up and untrue trending topics.


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