Harry Styles Hit On By Woman In Her 80s?!

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Harry Styles Hit On Grandma

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Harry Styles Hit On Grandma

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Was Harry Styles hit on by a woman in her 80s?! A crazy new story claims the singer was propositioned by a “horny granny.” Gossip Cop looked into the outrageous claim.

“Rich, Horny Granny Offers To Defile Harry Styles In Style,” blares a headline in the National Enquirer. The article begins, “All smiles while out on a shopping spree, Harry Styles got the shock of a lifetime when an elderly granny-type suddenly sidled up and hit on the heartthrob with the sexiest style ever, a blank check!” Notably, the supermarket tabloid doesn’t say when or where this incident supposedly took place.

But a so-called “One Direction spy” is quoted as saying, “Harry gets propositioned all the time, like perfumed panties with girls’ phone numbers inked in the crotch! Not much surprises the pop star, but he got the dizzying shock of his lifetime when this classy-looking old babe, well into her 80s, offered him a blank check on a major bank for a private performance that’d even shock his sex-obsessed bandmates!”

Gossip Cop isn’t sure why the gossip magazine would rely on a “One Direction spy” given that the group has been on hiatus for nearly two years. It’s also not clear why the rest of the members have been deemed “sex-obsessed.” Regardless, the outlet goes on to conclude its sordid tale by asserting, “The old lady pitched her grand Gran plan hard, but Harry took another direction.”

Are you buying it? Gossip Cop sure wasn’t, which is why we started asking around. One source ended up telling us that while the story is “mildly amusing” and “creative,” this alleged encounter never actually happened. And it’s hardly surprising that the publication would simply make up such a wild narrative given the bizarre articles it has featured about the British superstar in the past. In January, for instance, the National Enquirer ridiculously claimed Styles was going to change his name to just “Styles.”

Then in August, there was a weird piece about the performer’s housekeeper supposedly throwing out his favorite underwear. That was followed later that month by a strange report about Styles mysteriously finding fishnet stockings in his luggage. We’re not sure why the tabloid is seemingly obsessed with penning wacky Styles stories, but it’s getting out of hand.