Harry Styles Plays “Flinch” On ‘Late Late Show’ With James Corden, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (VIDEO)

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Harry Styles James Corden Flinch Late Late Show Video

By Holly Nicol |

Harry Styles James Corden Flinch Late Late Show Video


Harry Styles, who kicked off his four-night residency on Monday’s “Late Late Show,” played a game of “Flinch” with James Corden and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Watch the video below!

The game, which requires a star to stand behind a sheet of plexiglass while the late-night host launches pieces of fruit at them from a cannon, is designed to test the nerve of its player. For this particular round of “Flinch,” however, Corden added an “extra layer” to the game for his two British guests. “Since Harry, Aaron and myself are sons of England, we have decided to put our British resolve to the test,” Corden said. “During this round of ‘Flinch,’ we’ll be trying to maintain a stiff upper lip while enjoying a spot of tea.”

After Taylor-Johnson calmly kept his nerve during his round, next up was Styles. “What have you put in there?” the singer asked as Corden placed a piece of fruit inside the cannon. “What would you have liked me to put in there?” the talk-show host teased before launching an avocado towards the star. Brilliantly, though, Styles managed not to spill his tea.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed in April that Styles would join Corden on the “Late Late Show” for a week-long residency. The pair, who became friends long before the British comedian took over the late night show in 2015, first met through the help of Ben Winston, the producer of several of One Direction’s music videos and concert movies.

Now, the Brits share a famous bromance, with the singer regularly visiting Corden at the program’s Los Angeles studio. Styles famously appeared on an episode of Carpool Karaoke with his fellow One Direction members, which has been viewed on Youtube more than 100 million times. Watch the full video of Monday’s game of “Flinch” below!

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