Harry Styles Sister Calls Out Fake Twitter Account Impersonating Singer

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Harry Styles Fake Twitter

By Shari Weiss |

Harry Styles Fake Twitter

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Harry Styles’ sister is calling out a fake Twitter account for impersonating the One Direction singer.

On Thursday, Gemma Styles tweeted, “For people asking @PrvtHarryStyles is NOT a real account. Do not send pictures or anything else. Stay sharp, stay suspicious, stay safe. Sad that I even have to tweet this but for my own conscience I don’t see an alternative. Young girls don’t need this.”

“For the record, none of us have ‘private’ accounts, what would the point even be?” Gemma, whose own account is verified like her brother’s real one, went on to say. She further confirmed Harry does not have “private” Facebook or Snapchat accounts, either. Gemma also denied that Style is on the app Kik, and confirmed that a fan was actually duped during a Skype session.

She added, “Sadly some people will just believe what they want to believe, but what else can I do.” Hopefully fans will take her messages to heart. Fortunately, Twitter has already suspended the “@PrvtHarryStyles” account that sparked her tweets.

For his part, Styles hasn’t commented on the situation at all. The British star has only used Twitter sparingly since One Direction went on hiatus. He last tweeted in January, skipping over his own birthday earlier this month.

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