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HollywoodLife is exploiting Harry Styles and his fans. The site makes up fake news for Google traffic and social media shares. And that's the same reason it's naming Styles its "star of the week."

It's not usual for an outlet to celebrate a particular star when they have a new project to promote. But HollywoodLies spent the last week trying to capitalize on Styles and his new album by peddling made-up stories. It culminated in the webloid pretending it didn't tell any lies and sucking up to the superstar by awarding him a meaningless honor.

This is how it breaks down: On Monday, the site claimed to know Styles' feelings about a One Direction reunion. The story was posted in the wake of his "Today" show concert, during which he performed his new solo music. The article didn't actually have any "exclusive" scoop. Rather, the online publication tried to pass off obvious information as if it were legitimately new revelations. What's more, though, is Gossip Cop pointed out that Styles' camp wouldn't be talking with the webloid, anyway.

That was followed on Tuesday by a story claiming to know private details about Styles' reported new relationship with Tess Ward. In this one, the site pretended it had insight about the romance, such as the singer liking to cook for Ward and play her music. Again, obvious conclusions: Styles used to work as a baker and it's pretty typical for musicians to play their music for significant others. It was also apparent the outlet didn't have a real source as the quotes were awkwardly and unnaturally phrased. But HollywoodLies also ended up exposing its own fabrication by proclaiming to know all about the relationship in that story, only to run one hours later about Ward only being his "rumored" girlfriend.

And then later in the week, the publication had an entirely random angle, with an article claiming Kris Jenner was disappointed Styles' romance with Kendall Jenner didn't work out. Much like with Styles' inner circle, Jenner's certainly isn't going around talking about Styles and her daughter with HollywoodLies, of all places, particularly when the site has been caught fudging Jenner stories in the past. It was also quite obvious the blog only ran this story to seize on the attention currently surrounding Styles. After all, we've repeatedly demonstrated how HollywoodLies takes a hot topic (or hot person) and makes up related posts.

This is done for two reasons: To game Google by offering original content and to get the attention of fans on social media by giving them "exclusives" to obsess over. This week, Styles was the bait. Not only with the multiple fabricated stories, but also with Friday's installment: "Harry Styles: Why He Rules As HollywoodLife's Star Of The Week." This (not real) award was only given to the singer to get his attention and that of his fans. But why should Styles or his supporters give HollywoodLies the time of day after all the lies it's told not just this past week, but year after year?

It is quite reasonable to celebrate Styles having a milestone week in his career. It is not genuine, however, when you do so after purposefully spreading misinformation. Plain and simple, HollywoodLies is exploiting Styles and his fans for its own personal gain. It's shameful.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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