Harry Styles Acting Skills Praised By ‘Dunkirk’ Co-Star Cillian Murphy (VIDEO)

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Harry Styles Cillian Murphy Dunkirk Acting

By Andrew Shuster |

Harry Styles Cillian Murphy Dunkirk Acting

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Harry Styles makes his acting debut in the upcoming WWII thriller Dunkirk, and according to co-star Cillian Murphy, the One Direction singer is quite skilled. Watch the video below!

“He’s a great kid. I’ve really enjoyed working with him,” Murphy said about Styles. The actor further noted that although he hasn’t “done any scenes with him,” he believes “there’s a definite crossover between music and film.” Murphy added, “I actually come from that world myself and he’s a really, really lovely kid. Very charismatic and we’ve had great fun.” As for how Styles will stack up to his more experienced co-stars such as Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, Murphy pointed out that acclaimed director Christopher Nolan is “not going to cast an actor unless he’s a talented person, so I’m sure he’ll be amazing.”

As Gossip Cop reported, it was announced in March that Styles had been cast in Nolan’s war movie, which chronicles a WWII rescue mission known as the Dunkirk evacuation. The real-life event involved the British military assembling a fleet of nearly 1,000 boats to save more than 330,00 soldiers who were trapped and surrounded by the German army. Dunkirk, which hits theaters on July 21, 2017, is currently shooting in Europe. Check out below Murphy’s interview about Styles, as well as the movie’s brand new teaser trailer!

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