An article about Harry Styles and Camille Rowe having an "intense connection" was made up. Gossip Cop can expose this fabrication.

A week and a half ago, it was reported that Styles had quietly started dating Rowe, a Victoria's Secret model. They were spotted together at an event in New York, but since then, no reputable outlet has confirmed that this is the beginning of a serious relationship. HollywoodLife, however, wants readers to believe it has "EXCLUSIVE details" about the romance.

"Harry Styles & Camille Rowe: Inside Their 'Intense Connection' — Why They're 'Smitten,'" reads the headline of the manufactured story. Since the pair have a friend in common, Alexa Chung, the webloid claims she is responsible for setting Styles and Rowe up. A so-called "pal of Alexa's" is quoted as saying, "Harry's dated two Victoria's Secret models in the past, so Alexa had a hunch he would really be into Camille, and well, she's gorgeous, so why wouldn't he?!!"

The site's supposed source goes on to assert, "They immediately clicked and Harry is pretty smitten. Camille is super cool, and has this really thick French accent which Harry thinks is really sexy!" But why would a friend of Chung's know that Styles finds Rowe's accent "sexy" and that they "immediate clicked"? Rowe doesn't even have a "really thick French accent." As a French-American who spent part of her childhood in the U.S., she speaks perfect English. Still, this clearly clueless tipster purportedly adds, "It's early days between them, and they've only been dating for a month or so, but it's already pretty hot between them and they have a really intense connection."

Again, why would someone who is pals with Chung be spilling to a random blog about what's going on with Styles and Rowe? That's pretty far-fetched. And HollywoodLies has a well-documented history of, well, lying when it comes to the singer's love life. Less than three months ago, for example, the online publication proved it didn't have real sources when it was caught flip-flopping on Styles dating Tess Ward. The webloid claimed it had "exclusive" information about that relationship, only to then run subsequent stories in which the site admitted it was unclear of their actual status.

And now that Styles has been linked to someone else, HollywoodLies is again pretending it has insight. The difference this time is that instead of citing alleged sources close to Styles, the outlet refers to a "pal of Alexa's," which just makes no sense. After being caught fudging those previous Styles sources, the blog indicated that it made up this new tipster, too, given the big factual error about Rowe having a "really thick French accent." HollywoodLies always wants to come off like it's in-the-know. The truth is that the webloid is anything but on the inside. It's pathetic.


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