Harry Styles Does Not Have Body Odor, Tabloid Apologizes For Untrue Story

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Harry Styles Body Odor

By Michael Lewittes |

Harry Styles Body Odor

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Harry Styles was issued an apology on Sunday by the Daily Star for a false report that claimed the One Direction singer has body odor that’s way “beyond BO,” and Kendall Jenner begged him to “shower more.” The British tabloid has removed the original story, and is now saying it’s sorry for the inaccurate article that it first published on February 21. Unfortunately, a slew of lemming-like other tabloids and webloids picked up the entirely erroneous claim and wrongly republished it as fact, as well.

While other outlets have yet to correct (or remove) their inaccurate stories, the British paper acknowledged on Easter, “We said than Kendall Jenner had accused Harry Styles of having breathtaking body odor that goes ‘beyond BO’ and had ‘asked him to shower more’ on an upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'” The paper, which also falsely alleged that Jenner told Styles “a little deodorant never hurts,” added in its mea culpa, “We have been advised that this was not true.”

Of course, this is hardly the first time the Daily Star has published wholly inaccurate information about Styles. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop exclusively busted the outlet for mistakenly spreading that the One Direction singer was going to join the cast of “Scream Queens.” We also corrected the paper for a fictitious claim about Styles buying and producing his own wine. Most egregiously, though, the British publication had to issue an apology to Styles last year after it printed a fake nude photo of him. The tabloid falsely stated under the headline, “1D Harry X-Rated Sex Pic Shame,” that he had posted explicit pictures of himself online. It’s not Styles who stinks, it’s the reporting at the British publication.


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