Harry Hamlin Caught Trimming Pubic Hair In Airplane Bathroom?!

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Harry Hamlin Pubic Hair

By Shari Weiss |

Harry Hamlin Pubic Hair

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Harry Hamlin was caught trimming his pubic hair in an airplane bathroom, according to a seemingly made-up tabloid story. Gossip Cop can expose the truth about the rather outrageous report.

“Crotch Half-Mast, Hamlin Caught Clipping His Hedges,” reads a headline in the current edition of the National Enquirer. In completely unnatural language, the accompanying article begins, “Hair-raising embarrassment for horrified Harry Hamlin and a wigged-out dude who inadvertently opened an unlocked toilet door during a London-L.A. flight, copping a shocking bird’s-eye view of the star with pants waaay down his crotch, tidily trimming his bro-bush on the fly in a mile-high manscape!”

Continuing in manufactured language, a so-called “sky-high spy witness” is quoted as telling the supermarket tabloid, “Harry apparently forgot to lock the door to the loo, but boy… did that fellow passenger regret that when he stumbled upon the star committing pubicide on his hairea! Red-faced Mr. Looky Loo slammed the toilet door shut so fast he says he can’t even remember whether Harry’s carpet matched the drapes!”

“Rushing back to his seat, he told pals about the prickly episode and they went hair-sterical, rolling in their seats laughing,” this likely fictional source goes on to claim. “Their guess? Harry was shearing the shrubbery to clean up good before returning home to his hot ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ wife, Lisa Rinna!”

Show of hands: How many readers actually believe this hair-raising tale? That’s what we thought. A rep for Hamlin actually laughed aloud when Gossip Cop shared the questionable story, exclusively telling us it’s nothing more than “creative writing.” It’s not the first time the National Enquirer has published a gross and seemingly fabricated hair-focused piece. In 2015, for instance, Gossip Cop busted an absurd story about Leonardo DiCaprio having fleas in his beard.

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