Harry Connick Jr. Stole Barbara Walters’ Chair From ‘The View’

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Harry Connick Jr Barbara Walters View Chair

By Michael Lewittes |

Harry Connick Jr Barbara Walters View Chair


Harry Connick Jr. “stole” Barbara Walters’ chair from the set of “The View” on Monday after promoting his new daytime TV show “Harry.” Gossip Cop hears as a prank Connick took a chair emblazoned with Walters’ name and walked out of the studio with it.

A source exclusively tells Gossip Cop each of the hosts has a director’s chair with her name on it that’s in their individual dressing rooms. “Barbara’s was proudly on display, and Harry grabbed it and loaded it into his car on the way out,” says our insider. While all in good fun, Connick is holding onto the chair. We’re hear the hosts of “The View” are plotting “to get the chair back,” and there could be some form of lighthearted “retaliation.”

As Gossip Cop noted, Connick kicked off his new syndicated show “Harry” on Monday, and his first guest was his Hope Floats co-star Sandra Bullock. About a month ago, we busted The Wrap when it ran a ridiculously inaccurate report that alleged Connick was having a hard time booking guests. Among the outlet’s many inaccuracies was that Bullock specifically was one of the “A-listers to blow off” Connick’s talk show as a guest. Naturally, time has once again proven Gossip Cop to be accurate.


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