In an upcoming interview on CBS Sunday this week, Harrison Ford talked about the environment and how "losing the support of nature" is going to affect us. It's a topic Ford has long felt passionately about. The actor thinks that discussing the issue "positively" is critical.

In a wide-ranging interview with Lee Cowan, the typically private actor opened up about a lot of things. He was there to promote his upcoming movie, The Call Of The Wild, so it's appropriate that the subject of climate change came up. The movie, based on the classic Jack London novel of the same name, has nature and wilderness at its core. Harrison Ford took the opportunity to talk about climate change.

The Star Wars star believes "we've got to talk about it in a positive way" now more than ever. "We're in danger of losing the support of nature for our lives. For our economies. For our societies," the actor said. Ford argues that the dangers of climate change are bound to affect everyone's lives, in both the natural world and society. Still, it's the great outdoors, like London wrote about in The Call Of The Wild, that mean the most. "Nature doesn't need people. People need nature," the legend adds.

Harrison Ford has defended the environment before

The actor is notoriously private and has rarely been outspoken about politics or his personal life in the past. He's not a big fan of interviews, which is something else he mentions in the CBS interview. Climate change, however, is the one thing that he is willing to call attention to. Last fall, Ford spoke at the World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates, and he took aim at climate change deniers. "Around the world," Ford said, "elements of leadership, including in my own country, to preserve their state and the status quo, deny or denigrate science. They are on the wrong side of history."

None of this is new for Ford, of course. Conservation has long been important to the actor. Ford has worked with the organization EarthShare for decades, lending his talents to videos promoting the organization's environmental causes. In 2016, Ford appeared in the Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously and caused quite a stir when he ran afoul of the Indonesian government when he confronted the country's president about deforestation in the nation.

Harrison Ford is one of the most iconic actors of his generation, yet he manages to live a pretty quiet life out of the spotlight. Now that The Call Of The Wild is about to be released, the actor will be turning his attention to the hotly anticipated fifth, and likely final, installment of the Indiana Jones series with Ford in the leading role. He'll continue to be the definition of cool.


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