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Is Calista Flockhart threatening to leave Harrison Ford over his love of flying planes? One tabloid this week is claiming the longtime couple are on the verge of splitting up. Gossip Cop investigated the story and has learned it is false.

According to a new article published in New Idea, the Ally McBeal actress is so disturbed by Harrison Ford's flying hobby that she’s threatened to leave him if he doesn’t quit it. The last straw for Flockhart was allegedly a recent “near-miss” he endured while flying a two-seater plane. “She’s had enough,” says a supposed “pal” of the actress. “Every time he goes up in that plane, she holds her breath until he’s back and the number of near-misses and crashes he’s had can’t be ignored.”

The tabloid points out that this April’s incident isn’t exactly the first time Ford has had troubles with flying: in the past several years, he’s been involved in two other dangerous flights of fancy, as it were. “And that’s only the incidents that get out in the press,” the source wildly speculates, adding that since the couple’s son left for college Ford has been “flying a lot more, so tensions are high at home with Calista.”

So, to begin with, to say Ford got in a “near-miss” implies he had some kind of brush with death while piloting the plane. But that’s not true: to hear the New York Times tell it, Ford ignored instructions from an air traffic controller while landing his plane, a move which isn’t exactly best practice, but which the newspaper confirmed did not put Ford in danger of a collision. In those previous incidents Ford was likewise not disciplined. The tabloid is clearly trying to inflate the drama of the incident to make their claims about Flockhart seem more plausible.

But those aren’t true, either: Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for Ford, who dismissed the claim that Flockhart was thinking of walking out on him as “absolutely false.” In a recent interview, he mentioned that he’ll only go flying “if my chores are done and there’s nothing more pressing.” This tabloid is clearly totally off in its characterization of Ford’s favorite hobby and his relationship with his wife.

Private person though he is, Harrison Ford is no stranger to silly tabloid gossip. Last October, the National Enquirer tried to claim that Ford’s friends and family were worried about his health as he allegedly attempted to get in shape for the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie. “Harrison is lifting weights and doing cardio every morning,” another unnamed source said. “He’s killing himself in the gym and coming out absolutely drained.” Gossip Cop once again reached out to Ford’s spokesperson, who is actually qualified to speak on his behalf, and who dismissed the story not only as false but also as “shameful.”

Just a month later, the Enquirer was back at it again with an even more bizarre claim about Ford smoking weed with Shia LaBeouf’s dad on the set of the 2008 Indiana Jones. LaBeouf’s dad, the tabloid said, was present on set “as Shia’s guardian” at the time, a pretty silly claim to make considering LaBeouf was at least 20 years old by the time they’d have started filming the fourth Indy. Gossip Cop was again told by Ford’s rep that the story was a complete “fabrication.” The tabloids have no idea what is going on Harrison Ford's private life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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