Hannibal Buress Arrested For Disorderly Intoxication

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Hannibal Buress Arrested

By Holly Nicol |

Hannibal Buress Arrested

(Miami PD)

Hannibal Buress was arrested early Sunday morning in Miami for disorderly intoxication, Gossip Cop can confirm. The comedian was later released after posting a $500 bond. Since then, a video of Buress’s arrest, showing him in handcuffs and asking police officers why he was being detained, began to circulate online.

The “Broad City” actor was booked into a Miami jail at 1:57 a.m after a heated confrontation with officers in the art-centric section of Wynwood. It’s unclear whether Buress was in town for Art Basel. In the video, an infuriated Buress asks Miami cops to explain the reason behind his arrest. “Am I under arrest? For what? Explain what I’m detained for. What I am detained for?” yells Buress in the footage (below). One of the officers, who can be seen trying to push the comedian into the back seat of a police car, replies that he was under arrest for “trespassing.” “You know y’all goofy as [expletive],” says Buress, who not charged with trespassing.

Later in the video, the 34-year-old Baywatch actor tells cops, “No, you’re making it harder than it has to be, I’m chilling.” He goes on to angrily shout, “No, I’m not getting in your car unless you have probable cause for anything… Take the handcuffs off of me. I didn’t do anything. I’m not getting in your car.” Towards the end of the footage, numerous onlookers can be heard shouting “give him a break,” as Buress is forced into the back of a Miami police patrol car.

At this time, the exact reason for his arrest early Sunday morning is not clear, though it’s alleged “disorderly intoxication. Right now, the Miami police are officially refusing to release the arrest report, claiming a public records request can only be made “during regular business hours.” Buress was later released at 6 a.m. after posting a $500 bond, reports the Miami Herald. Watch the video of Buress’ arrest below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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