Hannah Huston “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” “The Voice” Video: Watch Top 12 Performance!

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Hannah Huston The Voice Video April 18

By Shari Weiss |

Hannah Huston The Voice Video April 18


Hannah Huston gave Christina Aguilera a run for her money on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the pre-school teacher has wowed again and again during season 10 with the way she unleashes her powerful voice. This week was no different. But Huston took a risk by opting to perform “Something’s Got A Hold On Me,” a track Aguilera has memorably covered for Burlesque, in front of the superstar herself.

The contestant, however, once again slayed it, though Aguilera interestingly wasn’t given the opportunity to comment. Rather, Adam Levine told Huston, “I think there’s a new genre of music. I think it’s alien soul. Because what you do is so bizarrely — it’s like not of this earth.”

Blake Shelton, who hilariously called Huston a “singing E.T.,” noted, “It’s hard to not to get wrapped up in your performances, and your song choices are always so interesting.” And Pharrell, after calling his artist a “natural,” pointed out that Huston is merely a teacher from Nebraska.

“You are killing it and you are inspiring so many people when they watch your willingness to dream,” he told his contestant. Check out full video of the performance below!


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