Hannah Huston And Maya Smith “Voice” Battle Video: Two Coaches Fight For Steal!

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Hannah Houston Maya Smith Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hannah Houston Maya Smith Voice Battle Video


Hannah Huston and Maya Smith went head to head on the second “Battle Round” episode of “The Voice” season 10 on Tuesday, sparking two coaches to fight for the steal. Check out the video below!

Pharrell told his two artists, “I paired you together because you’re soulful in your own kind of ways.” He called the singers “left of center,” and assigned them Sia’s “Elastic Heart.” Interestingly, Houston and Smith were not just team mates, though, but also pals and roommates as they competed on the show.

Guest adviser Diddy urged both to open up more and be “two superstar divas on the stage.” To say they pulled it off would probably be an understatement. Pharrell and Christina Aguilera even gave a standing ovation.

“You guys are neck and neck,” Adam Levine told the aspiring stars. Aguilera agreed, admitting, “I might have to swoop in either way on this one.” Pharrell was proud of both of his contestants, but could only keep one.

And Huston was named the winner! After the steal window opened up and Smith began saying her goodbyes, Aguilera hit her button to keep her in the game. The coach even started to gloat, thinking the steal was hers and hers alone. “Christina, I freakin’ love you,” Smith told her.

And then Blake Shelton went and pushed his button, too, much to Aguilera’s chagrin. Making his pitch, the country superstar said, “She looks and sounds like a star standing there. That’s what we’re trying to find, right?”

But Aguilera pointed out this was the second time she tried to get Smith on her team, since she also turned around during the Blind Auditions. “I didn’t get you before. My heart is so invested,” the pop star insisted. “I can’t lose you to that over there!”

Luckily for her, that didn’t happened. Smith chose to join Team Christina! Watch the full video below!


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