Hannah Huston “Ain’t No Way” “The Voice” Video: Watch Live Playoffs Performance!

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Hannah Huston Voice Live Playoffs Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hannah Huston Voice Live Playoffs Video


Hannah Huston belted Aretha Franklin on “The Voice” on Tuesday for her first live performance. Check out the video below!

Huston has become one to watch over the last two rounds. As Gossip Cop, reported Huston handily beat both of her opponents during the Battles and Knockouts, with coach Pharrell declaring her the winner each time. Now for the Live Playoffs, the pre-school teacher was sure to rack up some viewer votes for the way she breathed new life to an old Franklin song, “Ain’t No Way.”

Blake Shelton told Huston afterward, “Watching you perform, there’s something you exude. It’s like a combination of frustration and desperation. You have all of this inside of you and you’re trying to get it out. And you do.”

For Pharrell, the word was “amazing,” which he used at least three times, first saying Huston did an “amazing job.” He went on to note, “When you’re hitting those notes and going up and down and all around the room like that, it’s amazing the way you steal all of our hearts.” And then he encouraged viewers to vote for this “amazing woman.” Watch below!


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