Hanna Eyre ‘Skyscraper’ “The Voice” Video – Watch Live Playoffs Performance

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Hanna eyre Playoffs Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hanna eyre Playoffs Video


Hanna Eyre movingly belted Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” for her Live Playoffs performance during Tuesday’s “The Voice.” Check out the video below.

Eyre is one of only two females on Adam Levine’s team for season 12. The other is Lilli Passero, whom Levine stole during the Knockouts earlier this month, as Gossip Cop reported. Together they make up a fraction of Levine’s artists, which had to go down from six to three by the end of tonight’s two-hour broadcast.

In hopes of surviving the brutal cut, Eyre had to sing live for the first time in the NBC competition. In rehearsals, Levine said “Skyscraper” is the “perfect song” for the 15-year-old, who wants to be an R&B pop artist. She was eager to show what she could “do” with the emotional track, and Levine thought her “powerful” voice could do it justice if she also nailed the “quieter parts.”

Well, she showed a mastery of both come show time. Following the performance, Levine said, “First of all, this is the sweetest human being that has ever lived… also with a voice that kind of scares me sometimes.” He went on, “Let’s keep doing this… I just want you to be on the show because you deserve it.”

Unfortunately, though, Eyre did not win the viewer vote and Levine decline to use his lone save on her. Now the teen’s journey on the show is over. Watch below.

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