‘Hands Of Stone’ Trailer: Real-Life Story Of Champion Boxer Roberto Duran – WATCH!

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Hands of Stone Trailer

By Michael Lewittes |

(Weinstein Co.)

The first trailer for Hands Of Stone, the real-life story of boxing champ Roberto Duran was released on Sunday. The film stars Edgar Ramirez as the legendary boxer who held titles in four different weight classes, Robert De Niro as his longtime trainer and advisor, and Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard. Watch the movie’s official trailer below.

Hands Of Stone, as Duran was nicknamed, tells the true story of how a poor kid from Panama rose to wealth and the top of the boxing profession. The film features the two historic fights between Duran and Leonard. In the first 1980 bout, Duran battled Leonard before emerging as the champ. During their rematch later that year, Duran got clobbered before famously throwing up his hands, walking away, and saying, “No mas.” The thrust of the movie, however, deals with the relationship between Duran and Arcel that ended shortly after the second Leonard fight.

Duran, who had his first professional fight at the age of 16, held championship belts as a lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight. The boxer fully retired at the age of 50 in 2002, following a car accident in 2001. Directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz,the film is slated for release on August 26. Check out the first official trailer below for Hands Of Stone.


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