“Hamilton” Actor Brandon Victor Dixon “The View” Interview About Trump, Pence

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By Shari Weiss |

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Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon appeared on “The View” on Monday to discuss the speech he made to Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s controversial reaction to it. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump demanded the Hamilton cast apologize for making a speech directed at Pence following show this past Friday. Speaking on behalf of his co-stars, Dixon thanked the vice president-elect for coming, and expressed their hope that he will uphold “American values” for all Americans. Trump accused the cast of “harassing” his VP, though Pence himself has since said he wasn’t “offended.”

Now Dixon is speaking out about the situation from his point of view. “We as a group — the producers, the creators — came up with the message we wanted to deliver from the show and the cast,” he said, noting, “We decided it was important for us to take the stage and let our message be heard.” Dixon expressed gratitude towards Pence for not only listening to the speech, but also speaking out about it.

“It’s encouraging,” the Broadway star expressed, pointing out, “When we have an opportunity to speak with our elected representatives, we must seize that opportunity.” In response to critics who felt it was the wrong venue for such an act, he pointed out, “If people are coming to see Hamilton to leave their politics behind, you came to the wrong show.” Dixon further argued, “I think the way it was received, the way everybody responded, the way he responded, is a testament to the fact that it was an appropriate time and place.”

As for Trump, the actor quipped, “I don’t think we have enough time to delve into the psychology of President-elect Trump.” More seriously, though, Dixon extended an offer for him to “come see the show.” Check out the full video below.

NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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