Halle Berry Makes Jenna Dewan Chug Whiskey On “Live” To Get Payback On Channing Tatum – WATCH VIDEO!

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Halle Berry Jenna Dewan Whiskey

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Halle Berry Jenna Dewan Whiskey


Halle Berry made Jenna Dewan chug whiskey on Thursday’s “Live,” as payback for Channing Tatum recently daring her to do the same. Check out the video below!

In footage that went viral from last month’s Comic-Con, Berry and Tatum were sitting on a panel for Kingsman: The Golden Circle when the actor dared his co-star to chug a pint of whiskey. Not one to turn down a challenge, Berry gulped the strong alcoholic beverage down right then and there in front of everyone. Now the actress had a chance for revenge when she crossed paths with Tatum’s wife, Dewan, who was co-hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Berry told her, “You husband dared me to drink a pint of bourbon at Comic-Con.” Dewan admitted, “I heard this. I would say I’m surprised, but I’m not that surprised. But you did it, which makes you so awesome!” The movie star responded, “I did do it. And guess what? You’re gonna do it, too.” She then revealed a hidden glass that had been sitting on the table beside them.

“Done and done,” said Dewan, willingly accepting the task as Berry noted, “If he can dare me, I can dare you. It’s all I wanted to do. I’ll make her drink this whiskey like her husband made me.” Dewan went on to say, “I love this. This is typical. I’m getting his payback right now. This is okay, though. I’m into this… Nothing like a 9 a.m. whiskey chug.”

And then the dancer drank. And drank. And drank. She quipped afterward, “Thanks, babe. I’m gonna have real fun doing the interview now.” It was all in good fun, of course, and likely the start of a long friendship. Dewan revealed, “It’s funny, too… In the 12 years of knowing Chan, he has never come back after a movie, ’cause you guys just did Kingsman together, and said, ‘You’ve got to meet somebody.'”

“He like friend-matched us,” she went on. “I know not to do that awkwardly on the air, but we’re supposed to be friends, according to Chan. He loves you so much. He’s like, ‘She’s amazing,’ even though he makes you chug bourbon.” Berry confirmed, “Only he could get me to do that. Honestly, I don’t know if I would’ve done it if anybody else asked me.”

Interestingly, as Gossip Cop noted earlier, Berry was on “GMA” before “Live,” and told the hosts she was going to dare them to chug the drink, but thought it was too early. Clearly, Dewan didn’t get off so easy. Watch the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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