Halle Berry is not dating a female friend, despite a speculative claim about a "romantic lunch." Gossip Cop can correct this false story. The outing was in no way a date.

MediaTakeOut claims that after several failed marriages with men, Berry "may now have resorted to dating women." As proof that the Oscar winner has "gone gay," the website points to photos of Berry on "what is being described as a 'romantic lunch' with a bald headed women [sic]." Contends the blog, "People online are speculating — because of the woman's dress and her hairstyle — that she's gay. And there's even more speculation — that she and Halle were on a date."

The pictures, however, don't indicate anything "romantic" was taking place. Paparazzi snapped the pair simply chatting on opposite ends of a table as they dined, as well as walking side by side outside the establishment. Offensively, the site is jumping to conclusions about the woman's sexual orientation simply due to her appearance, which doesn't actually indicate whether she's into men or women. The outlet is shamefully using stereotypes to support its evidence-free narrative.

Based solely on the snapshots, the online publication goes on to assert that Berry and her pal "seemed to be having a good time together. So if it WAS a date... it looked like a good one." The website even deems the pair a "really great looking couple." The blog also tries to connect its theory about a relationship to Berry's recent Instagram post marking Pride month. "Perhaps she's shouting out her new community?" suggests the site.

But Berry's post wasn't a coming out. She simply wrote, "In support of all people having their individual right to BE...I will BE by my pool in my rainbow tutu as much as I can this month!" Many stars have used social media to celebrate Pride month the last few weeks, regardless of whether they themselves are part of the LGBTQ community. She is simply an ally, which is why Berry attended the GLAAD Awards in April (see photo above).

Additionally, while the outlet is claiming there is "speculation" that this outing was a date, it appears such rumors are only coming from MediaFakeOut, a nickname the publication has earned for peddling untruthful claims. The site was quick to make unwarranted assumptions about a relationship, while other places, like the Daily Mail, merely observed that Berry grabbed lunch with a "friend." Unlike MTO, the paper didn't suggest that the duo is a "couple."

And they're not. Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for Berry, who exclusively tells us the actress was simply dining with a "longtime friend," as people do every single day. The suggestion that Berry, who has never before publicly dated women, has "gone gay" is "ridiculous," says the spokesperson.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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