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Was Hailey Baldwin really trying to “hide” a baby bump while out on a lunch date with husband Justin Bieber? One tabloid claimed so a while back. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and found the outlet’s argument to be questionable at best.

Justin Bieber wearing a blue hoodie walking in New York City with Hailey Baldwin
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"New Baby Bieber" On The Horizon?

“The Signs Point To A New Baby Bieber!” read the headline from an issue of the National Enquirer a few months back. The outlet insisted that while out to lunch with Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin “seemed to show a little more of her than we’re used to seeing!” An “observer” told the tabloid,

At one point she drew in her jacket to seemingly hide her torso, and at another she seemed to be cradling her tummy in a maternal way – and probably didn’t even know she was doing it!

"Pals" Note A Change In Hailey Baldwin's Diet

Other so-called “pals” informed the often debunked publication that the 23-year-old model had been “paying extra attention to her diet and exercise regiment. If that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, since models are sort of known for paying special attention to their diet and exercise, the “pal’s” next words will probably also be less than convincing.

She’s eating more lean protein and leafy greens and steering clear of caffeine and too much sugar.

Those are also the foods people eat to stay fit and the foods most commonly avoided for clear skin, two things that models have to manage for their job. Awfully bold of this "insider" to claim that these very common model activities are evidence of a pregnancy.

Regardless, the suspicious “insider” continued, “She’s still working out, but not as vigorously as before. People are whispering it’s because she could be pregnant!” Finally, the tipster concluded,

[Bieber and Baldwin have] been through some rough patches, but now they feel like they’re in a good place and ready to start a family.

Gossip Cop Calls Foul

It has been several months since this article was published, and Hailey Baldwin’s figure hasn’t changed an inch. If the tabloid had been correct in its prediction of a pregnancy, Baldwin would certainly be showing by now, if she hadn’t given birth already.

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Tabloids like the Enquirer often make bold predictions of celebrities falling pregnant, but it really ought to find a new narrative to push. These false announcements can be very hurtful to couples who might want to have a baby but are struggling to conceive. It’s a very insensitive thing to do, but this tabloid has definitely proved itself to be incapable of even bare minimum decency.

This tabloid in particular has been behind some pretty nasty rumors about Hailey Baldwin’s marriage to Justin Bieber. Just last month, the outlet reported that Baldwin said she needed a break from “clingy” Bieber. Gossip Cop took a look at the story and found that it just didn’t add up.

Before that, the supermarket gossip rag declared that Baldwin was “creeped out” by Bieber’s acne and had kicked her husband out of their bed. We checked in with our source close to the situation and were assured that the tabloid’s tale was utter nonsense, just like so many other stories that come out of this outlet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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