Hailey Baldwin Slams Site For “Lie” About Lip Fillers

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Hailey Baldwin Lip Fillers

By Michael Lewittes |

Hailey Baldwin Lip Fillers

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Hailey Baldwin has not gotten lip fillers, despite a new bogus report. In fact, on Wednesday, the model herself blasted the erroneous claim on Twitter, noting she’s “never” had work done on her face.

The untrue story was started by HollywoodLife, which claimed Baldwin is now sporting Kylie Jenner-sized “big” lips. The webloid posted a photo of Baldwin out in Los Angeles on January 11 and suggested that “her lips were pumped up to an incredible level.” The untrustworthy blog then speculated that Baldwin’s “exaggerated look” was possibly due to fillers.

But Baldwin shut down HollywoodLies’ false report by tweeting, “Not gonna speak on this again but – I’ve never had any lip fillers or anything done to my face. Keep trying to make that lie stick tho.”

This isn’t the first time Baldwin has called out the webloid for making up stories. As Gossip Cop previously reported, she slammed the site last year for fabricating a tale that she was in a “love triangle” with with Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. She called the outlet “absolutely disgusting” and tweeted at them, “U should really learn to leave teenagers be and stop writing so much garbage.”

Baldwin also blasted HollywoodLies for a similarly false story about Bieber supposedly going on a three-way date with her and Jenner. The model mocked the blog on Twitter, writing, “lemme know how these stupid scenarios make sense to you.”


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