Tabloid Tells Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber They’re Pregnant After She Refuted It

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side by side photos of Hailey Baldwin in a black checkered top and Justin Bieber in a white tanktop and Lakers hat

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Hailey Baldwin in a black checkered top and Justin Bieber in a white tanktop and Lakers hat

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In its latest issue, NW argues that Hailey Baldwin is “knocked up,” and Justin Bieber is “breaking down!” The story’s obviously a work of fiction, but it contains some truly offensive accusations about the model and her husband.

Baldwin recently took to Instagram to dismiss pregnancy rumors after she was seen resting her hand near her stomach during a photoshoot. “The internet is funny,” she wrote, “No, I’m not pregnant. I just really love food.”

NW, however, absolutely ignores Baldwin’s own words by calling her dismissal a “predictable first-trimester” excuse that “isn’t fooling anyone.” The tabloid uses other offensive language to describe Baldwin, adding that she couldn’t “keep her mitts of [sic] her growing belly” and this is “exactly what she’d had planned.”

“It’s all everyone can talk about,” a surprisingly rude “pal” tells the magazine. “Aside from her poorly hidden bump, the biggest sign she’s pregnant is that she’s quit booze, boiled eggs and her favorite — sushi. But Justin just looks like a deer caught in the headlights!”

Of course, the outlet conveniently ignores the fact that Bieber and Baldwin actually got sushi the night after the photoshoot. Then again, the magazine doesn’t seem to care about the truth or any sort of decency, so we’re not surprised. After all, it refuses to acknowledge Hailey Baldwin’s knowledge of her own body.

We’d also like to point out that we couldn’t figure out what in the world the outlet was referring to when it mentions a “poorly hidden bump” or “growing belly” when it refers to Baldwin. Those remarks just seem like cruel attacks on the model, whose appearance looks just the same as it has for the past few months.

The tabloid then accuses Justin Bieber of going through a “mini-breakdown” while the two were doing a photoshoot. “Justin has been acting so strange, like he’s high one minute and quiet the next,” the so-called source says. “He’s agitated and seems to be going through all kinds of emotional turmoil.”

The magazine then says that “the buzz is” that Baldwin’s been pregnant since their wedding ceremony in September. “Justin agreed to try after a year of marriage,” the outlet claims. “But now it might be happening, the poor guy’s having a meltdown!”

These accusations are clear attempts to take advantage of Bieber’s openness about his efforts with mental health. Gossip Cop has debunked plenty of rumors about Bieber’s state of mind, including several from the tabloid itself. For the record, the Purpose artist seems to be in a great place according to other outlets and his social media.

In September, NW was responsible for a false report that Bieber was on suicide watch. This past March, it even claimed that Hailey Baldwin had forced her husband into rehab. As we said earlier, the magazine doesn’t seem to be at all concerned with any sort of decency.

It also plastered the story with pictures of Bieber looking exhausted and morose, but photos taken moments after the ones it published revealed the singer cracking a smile. The couple was doing a photoshoot that included a ton of outfits and clothing changes. Going through an entire shoot takes up a fair amount of energy. Who hasn’t sighed and rubbed their eyes while waiting for a partner to finish up with their business so they can go home?

Regardless of whether or not Baldwin is pregnant, the issue with this story is far deeper than the entirely baseless claim. It’s just part of a long series of false stories about the superstar couple from the magazine. We even awarded the outlet our Top Justin Bieber Rumor of 2018 for its audacious piece about Selena Gomez being pregnant with Bieber’s child.

Gossip Cop is here to sort through the hazy gossip that covers nearly every celebrity. Since Baldwin herself already established that she’s not pregnant, we figured we didn’t need to address this iteration of the rumor. Unfortunately, the outlet went too far in its attempts to draw in readers, so we’re busting this one entirely.


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