Hailey Baldwin Refuses To Marry Justin Bieber Until His Pimples Clear Up?

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By Griffin Matis |


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The latest fake story from the tabloids is that Hailey Baldwin is refusing to marry Justin Bieber until his pimples clear up. Gossip Cop checked out the claim. It’s absolute nonsense.

“Pop Go The Wedding Plans!” reads the latest tired headline from NW. According to the magazine’s supposed sources, Baldwin is uncomfortable with her husband’s breakouts and is refusing to walk down the aisle until his skin gets better.

“Justin’s pimples creep her out,” an alleged insider tells the outlet. “She’s told him to clean up his act if he wants to get back in the sack.” The tabloid then clarifies that “sack” could also translate to a wedding suit.

“Stress can stimulate the release of hormones that increase oil production,” says a doctor who, although his statement is correct, has never treated nor seen Bieber in real life. Another suspicious tipster says Bieber is feeling some extra stress ahead of his wedding ceremony. “He suddenly felt pressure to grow up and settle down. He just needs time to adjust.”

This story is rife with mistakes, but the biggest one by far is the claim that the wedding is in any peril. People magazine confirms that Bieber and Baldwin have their date and venue set up for September, with no delays or issues. Furthermore, Gossip Cop needs to bring up the main problem with all of these bogus wedding stories: the spouses are already married.

Bieber and Baldwin got their marriage license last September, and Baldwin’s legal name is now Hailey Bieber. Any issues that the tabloids allege will cause a problem in the couple’s wedding should have also kept them from their civil marriage, but they didn’t. Instead, they’ve been happily married for almost a year now. The couple’s religious ceremony is just a way of bringing their families and faith into the equation.

We should note that the tabloid’s quote about cleaning up to “get back in the sack” is ripped directly from a similar piece that the National Enquirer published earlier this month. If this was a real quote, the outlet should have mentioned that it’s from weeks ago and regarding a totally different story from a totally different publication. The quotes were first found in a false story about Baldwin kicking Bieber out of their bed because of his pimples, which was immediately debunked by Gossip Cop.

NW is recycling another tabloid’s content and applying it to Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding instead. It’s just lazy. Although the two tabloids aren’t exactly sister publications, their parent companies do have a working relationship. Unfortunately, that relationship isn’t one dedicated to the truth.

Unfortunately, NW is obsessed with trying to sow discord in Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship. In July, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming the  drama surrounding Bieber and Taylor Swift was causing issues in his marriage to Baldwin. In March, we debunked the outlet’s story about Baldwin pushing for Bieber to go to rehab to “save” their marriage. We suspect these stories will continue even after their religious ceremony, but we’ll keep correcting them.


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