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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are not engaged, despite false speculation because the model is wearing a diamond ring. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. The friends have just begun hanging out together again and are not planning to marry. Additionally, it appears the ring in question is several years old.

The Daily Mail has a headline on Thursday that reads, "Hailey Baldwin flashes HUGE diamond on her ring finger as she cosies up to Justin Bieber during low-key dinner date in Brooklyn." Notably, there's a factual error right in the second sentence. While the paper claims they were pictured after dinner on Wednesday, this outing with Baldwin and Bieber actually took place on Tuesday. The outlet can't get the date right, but stresses how Baldwin was "flashing a sparkling diamond ring."

While investigating, Gossip Cop discovered a suspiciously similar article from two years ago, in which the newspaper also highlighted that Baldwin "wore a diamond band on her engagement finger" while out with Bieber. Besides this now being at least the second time the publication has fueled speculation about Baldwin's jewelry, what's also telling is that the ring appears to be the same one in both sets of photos. That makes it clear that it's a diamond band Baldwin simply likes to wear, as opposed to being an engagement ring.

But the newest story has led Cosmopolitan to blare in a headline on its own website, "Hailey Baldwin's Wearing a Massive Diamond Ring, So, Um...Are She and Justin Bieber Engaged?!" Citing the Daily Mail, the magazine points out that Baldwin "stepped out with a massive diamond ring on her engagement finger." Wonders the publication, " that an engagement ring? Is this the apocalypse? Unclear on both counts."

But Gossip Cop can debunk this engagement theory. Less than a day ago, in a story about Bieber and Baldwin stepping out, the more credible magazine People reported they are "not in a relationship" and "not an item." In fact, it was stressed that the superstar is "single and not dating anyone seriously." That would rule out proposing.

Additionally, in a report about Bieber and Baldwin spending time together in Miami recently, E! Online reported that the model is single, and explained how she and the singer have "rekindled their friendship." Note that the outlet didn't say "romance." Even Baldwin herself discussed her friendship with Bieber just last month, admitting, "We just work much better as friends." That said, we hear the two could be headed into relationship territory. Still, they are not engaged, as wrongly speculated.

Conclusion: The Daily Mail is spotlighting photos of Baldwin wearing a diamond ring while out with Bieber, but doesn't even know the correct date that the pictures were taken. Furthermore, this article is extremely reminiscent of one published by the outlet in 2016, in which Baldwin appeared to be wearing the exact same ring. It is obviously not an engagement ring then.

Cosmopolitan is also touting the new snapshots, and using them to speculate the stars may be engaged. But on top of Baldwin recently acknowledging that she and Bieber have realized they're better off being pals instead of a couple, multiple reputable outlets have reported this week that they are not dating. And even our reporting of them possibly beginning to date is a far leap from being engaged. Gossip Cop has also reached out to reps for an official comment.

(Daily Mail)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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