Hailey Baldwin Did NOT Get Hickey, Despite Report

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Hailey Baldwin hickey

By Michael Lewittes |

Hailey Baldwin hickey

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Hailey Baldwin did not get a hickey, despite an inaccurate claim by a blog run by a paparazzi agency. And the model herself is slamming the site for wrongly claiming it.

Along with photos of Baldwin, with a tiny red mark on the right side of her neck (see below), X17Online asks, “Who gave her that hickey?! Was it after a late-night love session with on-again/off-again flame Justin Bieber or did one of her girlfriends give it to her as a joke?” The site notes that Baldwin was photographed with a “hickey” on Friday while shopping in Beverly Hills with Kendall Jenner, whom the webloid claims has also been “hooking up with the Biebs… such a bizarre love triangle”

There’s so much wrong about the X17Online story, it’s hard to decide where to start. First, Bieber and Jenner are not dating nor is the singer dating Baldwin. And more to the point of the latest story, Baldwin does not have a hickey. Not long after the blog made the inaccurate claim, Baldwin took to Twitter debunk the report herself. She wrote, “Gonna bring up the ‘hickey’ thing once and once only, it’s not a hickey it’s a bug bite in a very unfortunate spot that I itched endlessly.”

Check out the embeddable photo that X17Online shared on Twitter of what they’re calling a “giant hickey” from Bieber, and share your thoughts.


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