Hailey Baldwin Hacked, Phone Number Leaked

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Hailey Baldwin Hacked Phone Number Leaked

By Shari Weiss |

Hailey Baldwin Hacked Phone Number Leaked

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Hailey Baldwin was hacked and her phone number leaked late Sunday night.

Multiple Twitter accounts claimed responsibility for the hacking, at least one of which has since been suspended. In addition to posting Baldwin’s phone number, the perpetrators threatened to share private information, such as conversations she had with Justin Bieber via iMessage. Some photos and videos from Baldwin’s phone have surfaced online, and while none of it appears to be embarrassing, it is a privacy violation nonetheless.

Baldwin acknowledged the situation on Twitter, revealing that a number of people were now harassing her after obtaining her phone number. “Honestly my number being leaked is whatever. Just a headache. I’m just genuinely shocked at the things that were texted and said to me,” tweeted the model.

She went on, “I’m just bummed that people think all this horrible stuff about me. But that’s the world we live in! Anyyywayyys have a good night :)” Baldwin then added, “And to the rest of u who are so sweet and kind thank u I see it everyday. :) #youloyal #yousmart #iappreciatethat.”

Baldwin actually seems to be inundated with hateful messages on social media every time there’s a new development in her friendship with Bieber. It’s unclear if this latest incident with her phone number will prompt the rising star to take legal action.


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