Gwyneth Paltrow Helps Sick Fan Meet Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans

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By Jesse Spero |

(Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow)

Gwyneth Paltrow helped Avengers super fan Ryan Wilcox, who is battling cancer, meet two of his favorite actors. The actress surprised Wilcox with a visit from Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. See the photos of their meeting below.

Paltrow used the power of social media to make Wilcox’s dream come true. Earlier in May, she shared the fan’s story in an Instagram post, asking her co-stars for their help. “Hey @robertdowneyjr and #chrisevans, want to take a road trip? I will drive you guys down,” she wrote.

The Pepper Potts actress went on to help tell Wilcox’s story, posting, “This is Ryan Wilcox, he’s an 18 year old guy from San Diego battling cancer and he absolutely LOVES Captain America and the Avengers and what we want for Ryan if possible is to meet the actors and actresses of the Avengers, especially Chris Evans who plays Captain America. He isnt doing too well and this would be a major way to boost his spirits and quite frankly be the best moment of his life if he literally got to meet his hero! Please share this to help get the attention of Chris, Robert, Scarlett, and the rest of the Avengers cast and try to make his dream come true!”

Thanks to Paltrow, The Avengers assembled and Downey and Evans made their way to meet with Wilcox. “Let’s do this #ryanstrong @robertdowneyjr #chrisevans,” she wrote on Instagram, with a photo of the actors on an airport runway on their way to meet their fan. That was followed by another Instagram post, in which Paltrow noted, “Today @ryanwilcox0303 got a little surprise. Thank you to the incredible #chrisevans and my better work half @robertdowneyjr for being the men you both are. And thank you to the Wilcox family for your hospitality! #ryanstrong.” Check out the heartwarming photos below of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans with Wilcox.


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