Gwyneth Paltrow: Why I Broke Up With Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck — Listen To Howard Stern Interview

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Gwyneth Paltrow Howard Stern

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Gwyneth Paltrow Howard Stern

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Gwyneth Paltrow talked about her famous ex-boyfriends Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, as well as her divorce from Chris Martin and his apparent new relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, in a candid and wide-ranging interview on Wednesday’s “The Howard Stern Show.” Listen to it below.

Speaking about the paparazzi attention surrounding her time with Pitt in the 1990s, Paltrow admitted, “I’m sure it was a good thing for my career.” As for her feelings toward the actor, she said, “I definitely fell in love with him. He was so gorgeous and sweet… I mean, he was Brad Pitt!”

She told Stern that her father Bruce was “devastated when we broke up” and “loved” Pitt. Paltrow explained their breakup as being a function of timing. “I was such a kid,” said the actress. “It’s taken me until 40 to get my head out of my ass. You can’t make that decision when you’re 22 years old… I wasn’t ready. He was too good for me… I didn’t know what I was doing.” Paltrow revealed, “If i see him we’re friendly. I don’t hang out with him.” Also, she told Stern there’s no sex tape of the former couple.

After Pitt, Paltrow dated Affleck. When Stern asked what it was like for Paltrow to date “physically perfect” men one after the other, she said, “When you’re in your twenties, you can get swept up” by that sort of thing. “You tend to be more shallow,” explained the actress. “You think that being with a good-looking person validates you in some way.”

Paltrow said that Affleck was “not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend” when the two dated. She told Stern her parents “appreciated” Affleck’s humor and intelligence, but were “OK” with them parting ways. “I like him,” she said of Affleck. “I’m friends with him still.” She also had nice things to say about Jennifer Garner.

As for her “conscious uncoupling” with husband Chris Martin, whom Paltrow called “lovely” and a “sweetheart,” the actress had nothing but praise for the Coldplay rocker as a dad and ex. When Stern asked whether Paltrow was worried about Martin starting to date certain people like Lawrence, who might start spending time with Paltrow’s children, she replied, “Who says I don’t approve of Jennifer Lawrence?” Paltrow said of Martin, “I respect him as the father of my children… It’s his decision… He wouldn’t be with someone who isn’t great.”

Paltrow also touched on topics like her grief over her dad’s death, therapy, and whether her daughter Apple likes her unusual name. Oh, and Stern asked about Paltrow’s infamous advice to Chelsea Handler, when she said that women should give their men occasional oral sex to avoid fights. While embarrassed that Handler chose to share the story publicly, Paltrow stood by her message: “You don’t have to always fight. Be a girl. Show him that he’s a man, and it’s a good thing energetically to do.” Listen to all the highlights of Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview with Howard Stern below, and tell us what you think.

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