Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lifestyle Company Goop Responds To Criticism Of Health Advice

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Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Responds Critics

By Andrew Shuster |

Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Responds Critics

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop, which offers cutting-edge health and wellness advice, has been criticized by some doctors who believe the organization’s medical suggestions are misguided. On Thursday, the team at Goop released an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop defending the brand’s integrity.

One of Goop’s biggest critics is an OB-GYN named Dr. Jennifer Gunter, who’s written several blog posts accusing the company of practicing “pseudoscience.” Last January, the doctor called out Goop for suggesting women use jade eggs to help strengthen their vaginal muscles and boost orgasms. Gunter asserted that putting crystals in one’s vagina would cause a bacterial growth and “even the potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome,” but Goop maintains there’s no evidence to back up these claims.

In a subsequent post, Dr. Gunter claimed some of the company’s recipes contained toxic ingredients. She further accused the company of “lowering the medical I.Q.” and “causing people to spend money on pointless ‘therapies.'” These were just a few of the doctor’s many complaints about the brand, and some others in the medical community have also questioned its alternative studies.

Goop is now addressing its critics for the first time. A letter exclusively provided to Gossip Cop features comments from a Goop spokesperson, who explains, “The purpose of the letter is to give our doctors a platform to respond to criticism and explain that science is always evolving: Eastern and Western medicine can, and should, coexist. We are protecting our contributors and stating our mission — that we encourage proper dialogue and discussion around wellness and alternative studies. This is the first time we’ve addressed critics in this manner.” A portion of the statement on Goop’s website reads, “Encouraging discussion of new ideas is certainly one of our goals, but indiscriminate attacks that question the motivation and integrity of the doctors who contribute to the site is not.”

The organization’s statement continues, “We are drawn to physicians who are interested in both Western and Eastern modalities and incorporate the best from both, as they generally believe that while traditional medicine can be really good at saving lives, functional medicine is more adept at tackling issues that are chronic…. The thing about science and medicine is that it evolves all the time. Studies and beliefs that we held sacred even in the last decade have since been proven to be unequivocally false, and sometimes even harmful. Meanwhile, other advances in science and medicine continue to change and save lives.”

Goop further asserts, “While we have earned a reputation for often seeking the alternative, it would be a gross misunderstanding to believe that we reject Western medicine… But where we have found our primary place is in addressing people, women in particular, who are tired of feeling less-than-great, who are looking for solutions—these women are not hypochondriacs, and they should not be dismissed or marginalized.”

The company adds, “Asking questions is the job of all of us; it is also the job of the doctors and scientists who collectively move our health forward. There is much that we do not know. It is unfortunate that there are some who seem to believe that they already know it all, who pre-judge information before they’ve even taken the time to read or understand it, who believe that there is actually nothing left to learn, who believe that they, singularly, own the truth. That is troubling, and that is dangerous. Here’s to an open and honest dialogue, to open minds and open hearts.” The site also has statements from a Medical Director at the International Heart and Lung Institute, and a member of the Board of Directors at Yale Integrative Medicine, both of whom defend the lifestyle brand.

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