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Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson are not in any kind of "war" over Chris Martin, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. We've learned there's no issue between the two women.

But according to NW, Paltrow is "proving to be a real dampener" when it comes to Martin's "dating life." Though the Coldplay frontman and Johnson are supposedly "desperate to take the next step in their relationship," the gossip magazine alleges the "one thing threatening to get in the way of their grand plans" is Paltrow. It's specifically claimed she "isn't exactly welcoming the Fifty Shades Freed star into her and Chris's modern family."

"Chris was hoping Gwyn would warm to Dakota by now and allow her into their close-knit circle but that's not going to happen," a so-called "close friend of the actress" is quoted as saying. This purported source goes on to assert, "If you ask me, Gwyneth has no plans of budging anytime soon either." Contends the outlet, "In fact, Gwyn has apparently put a blanket ban on Dakota attending any get-togethers that involve her or her and Chris's kids."

As a "case in point," the publication alleges Paltrow "didn't invite Dakota to join them on their family vacation in Antigua over Christmas," claiming Johnson was instead "forced to spend the holidays apart from Chris with her mom Melanie Griffith in Aspen." Asserts the supposed snitch, "Dakota knows the score and won't go where she's not welcome."

The tabloid further maintains that the "real reason for the tension" is that Paltrow has a "little case of the green-eyed monster when it comes to Chris's new relationships." The magazine's alleged tipster asserts, "It's OK for Chris to tag along with her fiance Brad [Falchuk], but Gywn doesn't want Dakota around." The "friend" even speculates to the Aussie outlet, "Maybe there's a bit of jealousy because Dakota also comes from an acting family."

Please. Paltrow doesn't have feuds with people based on whether or not they are part of a famous show business family. And regardless, she doesn't have a "war" with Johnson at all. Paltrow and Martin's vacation with their kids was just that: A trip with their children. It was not a gathering with their respective significant others. That said, Martin does spend time with Paltrow and Falchuk because of the seriousness of the couple's relationship. Falchuck and Paltrow, after all, are getting married.

In contrast, while Martin and Johnson are slowly becoming more public with their dates, their relationship is still relatively new and blossoming. That and the fact that it was a family trip with their kids is why Johnson did not go to Antigua. Another reason is that Johnson has spent the holidays with her mom in Aspen for years. (Actually, Griffith is now selling the Aspen home she's owned since Johnson was a kid.) The Fifty Shades star not joining Martin in the Caribbean had nothing to do with Paltrow refusing to be "welcoming" to her. A rep for the Oscar winner even tells Gossip Cop on the record that this tale is "total bull."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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