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Gwyneth Paltrow was married to Chris Martin for 13 years before they "consciously uncoupled" in 2016. The Coldplay frontman has been dating Dakota Johnson since 2017 and ever since, the tabloids have had a field day falsely speculating about Paltrow and Johnson's relationship. Gossip Cop has busted numerous stories involving the two actresses.

In April 2018, In Touch came up with the outlandish idea that Paltrow was deliberately sabotaging Johnson and Martin's relationship. According to the tabloid, Paltrow didn't feel particularly negative about the younger actress, but she preferred that her ex-husband would "settle down with someone older." The diabolical plan, said the insider, was to change up their children's schedules to make Martin miss out on any plans he had with Johnson. The tabloid didn't exactly explain how that would break up a relationship since the rain checks would clearly be Paltrow's fault.

More importantly, however, is the fact that Gossip Cop checked with Paltrow's spokesperson, not an anonymous "insider." The actress's rep told us on the record that the tabloid's article was "ridiculous" and untrue. Furthermore, the couples were perfectly friendly at public events, and other celebrity outlets indicated that Paltrow was completely fine with the relationship.

Two months later, Heat claimed Paltrow was feuding with Martin after she banned Johnson from her wedding. The outlet said the former couple had a falling out over the fact that Paltrow refused to let her ex "bring his much younger girlfriend" to the ceremony. However, the magazine added, Martin wouldn't take no for an answer. The tabloid's source said Paltrow was on the verge of turning into a "full-on bridezilla" as she and her ex-husband fought over the issue.

The whole thing was nonsensical, especially considering the fact that Paltrow had publicly stated that she was hardly even involved in the wedding planning and was the farthest thing from being a "bridezilla." Plus, she had made multiple posts on social media praising Martin for his efforts as a father — not exactly the behavior of someone in a feud with their ex. Gossip Cop also ran the claim by Paltrow's spokesperson regardless, who assured us it was fiction.

This past January, Woman's Day alleged Paltrow and Johnson attended therapy together to smooth things over before they went on a vacation together with their respective partners. The outlet's mysterious and unnamed source claimed Martin "made it very clear" that Paltrow had to try to make Johnson feel welcome lest the relationship between the exes worsen. The tabloid then said the two met with a therapist to work through "jealousy issues" and "set better boundaries." As evidence, the magazine pointed to the fact that the two actress and their partners had a successful trip to the Maldives together.

In reality, the tabloid was merely trying to capitalize on the fact that the two couples did in fact go on a trip together. Gossip Cop checked with Paltrow's rep, who told us that she had never attended therapy with Johnson. Paltrow and Johnson, as we've mentioned before, get along just fine. Both couples attended Ellen DeGeneres' birthday party and even celebrated Thanksgiving together before the made-up "therapy" ever happened. This wouldn't the only attempt by the tabloids to use the vacation against the two couples, however.

Later that month, Star ran a piece claiming Martin asked Paltrow for permission to marry Johnson. As we mentioned, Martin and Johnson, Paltrow and her husband, Brad Falchuk, all vacationed together over New Year's. A so-called insider told the magazine, "The main reason why Chris and Dakota went away on vacation with Gwyneth and Brad was because they wanted to clear the air and set aside their differences — before announcing to the world that they're getting married too."

That wasn't the reason at all. Paltrow herself told the story on Live With Kelly And Ryan. The vacation was a "modern" honeymoon for Paltrow and Falchuk that included all their kids from their previous relationships as well as Martin, Johnson and some other good friends. It had nothing do with Martin asking permission for anything. Gossip Cop confirmed Paltrow's story when we checked with her spokesperson, who agreed that the claims were nonsense. As with the rest of these rumors, the tabloids got it wrong about the stars yet again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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