Did Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have a "falling out" over Dakota Johnson? A report claims Paltrow is feuding with her ex-husband after supposedly banning Martin's girlfriend from her upcoming wedding to Brad Falchuk. Gossip Cop has learned the story was made-up.

The questionable article comes from Heat, which alleges Paltrow and Martin have "fallen out over the issue of Chris's plus-one for Gwyn's upcoming wedding." It's claimed the bride-to-be is "furious that her ex wants to bring his much younger girlfriend" to her nuptials," and "has made it clear" that Johnson is "not welcome." The problem, contends the tabloid, is that Martin "isn't taking no for an answer."

"There's no way that Gwyn would allow a much younger actress to upstage her at her own wedding, but Chris is being clever and reminding her how accommodating he's been to her over the years and how accepting he's been of Brad," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Alleges this supposed snitch, "He's cleverly picked his battles, and this has knocked Gwyn for six." The magazine even warns that Paltrow could become a "full-on bridezilla."

Actually, only two weeks ago Paltrow admitted she's "not that involved" in planning her wedding. "I'm probably the least bridezilla person, probably to a fault, that has ever come across my wedding planner's office doors," she told E! Online. As for her dynamic with Martin, in March Paltrow showed off a new family photo they took with their kids. And earlier this month, Paltrow paid tribute to Martin on Instagram for Father's Day, calling him a "ray of sunshine."

It appears they're still getting along just fine. And while the outlet's story is based on a single anonymous "source," Gossip Cop also spoke with Paltrow's rep, who tell us on the record that the article is a "fabrication." In fact, Heat has a history of spreading falsehoods about all of these stars. In January, we called out the publication for a bogus report about Martin being Paltrow's "best man" at her wedding.

Tellingly, nothing is said about him fulfilling that role in this latest wedding-focused piece. Also not mentioned is the baby it alleged Johnson was pregnant with five months ago. At the time, the tabloid maintained she was "covering her stomach" to hide a bump, but when Johnson was photographed leaving a salon this week, it was visibly obvious she is not in the second trimester of a pregnancy. All this goes to show just how unreliable the magazine has been when it comes to reporting on her, Martin and Paltrow. This latest story shouldn't be trusted, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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