Gwen Stefani Did NOT “Confirm” Blake Shelton Wedding, Despite Report

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Gwen Stefani Wedding Plans Blake Shelton

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Wedding Plans Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani did NOT “confirm” plans for a wedding with Blake Shelton, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can bust the misleading story.

On Monday, OK! published an article on its website with the headline, “Race To The Altar! Gwen Stefani Slyly Confirms Wedding To Blake Shelton! ‘Everything Is Going So Quickly.'” The tabloid says, “Here comes the bride! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been rumored to be secretly wedding planning and the No Doubt singer all but confirmed her plans to tie the knot in a revealing interview.”

“The singer was asked by Ryan Seacrest if she will get married again and while she didn’t confirm the happy news exactly, she alluded it’s coming sooner than we think,” says the outlet. Wait, what? The aforementioned headline specifically says “Gwen Stefani Slyly Confirms,” and here the story says “she didn’t confirm.”

Well, which is it? It’s most definitely the latter. Stefani didn’t confirm anything about marrying Shelton. In fact, she did the opposite, and didn’t mention nuptial plans at all.

The singer told Seacrest, “I don’t know! God, I don’t know. Everything is going so quickly. I’m in the moment and um — Look at me! You got me tongue-tied.”

None of that “confirms” a wedding with Shelton, as the outlet wrongly claims. And just to make things worse, OK! caps off its erroneous post by claiming Shelton will propose on “The Voice,” and that Shelton and Stefani are working on a “Voice” spinoff. As Gossip Cop has already reported, neither of those assertions is true.

So, in essence, the tabloid got this whole story wrong. And it’s particularly eyebrow-raising considering the outlet previously said Shelton and Stefani had a “secret wedding” back in June. OK! just keeps tying itself up in knots.

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Gwen Stefani has confirmed her plans for a wedding with Blake Shelton.

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