Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton “At War” With Gavin Rossdale?

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Gwen Stefani War Gavin Rossdale Blake Shelton

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani War Gavin Rossdale Blake Shelton

(In Touch)

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not “at war” with Gavin Rossdale, despite a new cover story from the same tabloid that previously told the world she’s currently pregnant with a baby girl. Gossip Cop busted that prior report. And now we can do the same here.

Wednesday’s new issue of In Touch announces that Stefani and Shelton are “at war with her ex,” with Rossdale supposedly “trying to tear them apart” amid “jealousy, taunts, and a courtroom showdown.” To call the accompanying story dramatic would probably be an understatement. The magazine claims, “Instead of allowing Gwen the freedom to move on” with Shelton, “Gavin is playing mind games in a twisted bid to keep her trapped in their marriage.”

“This has turned into an all-out war with Gwen’s ex — and both Gwen and Blake feel like they’re under siege,” says one of the gossip rag’s so-called “sources.” Rossdale is accused of continuing to wear his wedding ring for the sole purpose “sending” of Stefani a “message” and “taunting her.” It’s even alleged he’s “sowing seeds of doubt with Gwen about her romance with Blake.”

The supposed snitch claims, “Gavin’s been telling her she needs to leave Blake for the sake of their boys.” As for Shelton, seeing Stefani so upset over the “situation” has allegedly led him to make a “surprising decision — to marry Gwen come hell or high water.” In Touch claims Stefani said “yes,” and that she’s already “dropped the bomb” on Rossdale, even though their divorce isn’t legally official yet.

That leads the magazine to predict “things will only get worse if the showdown lands in court,” and the outlet even cites a family law attorney and a relationship expert, both of whom they readily admit don’t “represent Gwen or Gavin” and have never “counseled the musicians.” But you know what’s missing from this report?

There’s zero mention of the supposed baby In Touch claimed Stefani and Shelton were expecting just last month. Did it just disappear? Oh, that’s right. There never was a pregnancy… just like Stefani and Miranda Lambert weren’t in a “bitter fight” in December… just like Rossdale isn’t “at war” with Stefani and Shelton now. The only drama is that which the tabloid itself creates.


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