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A new report this week claims that The Voice judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are on the outs, with Stefani reportedly “walking out” on Shelton after he failed to propose on her birthday. A “shocking confession” led to the couple’s biggest argument yet, the tabloid contends. Gossip Cop looked into the allegations and came to our own determination based on the available facts.

Gwen Stefani Sick Of Waiting On Blake Shelton's Proposal?

“Gwen Walks Out On Blake” reads a headline from this week’s issue of In Touch. A source tells the outlet, “Blake and Gwen have been having some issues, the main one being that she still doesn’t have a ring on her finger.” Supposedly, a “huge” argument erupted between the two singers after Shelton penned a heartfelt message and posted it on Instagram for the “Sweet Escape” singer in honor of her 51st birthday. The source continues,

They’ve been dating for five years, and Gwen really thought Blake was going to finally propose on her birthday. But he didn’t, and that’s when things got heated.

Shelton's Hurtful Confession Drives Stefani From Their Home

According to the tabloid’s suspicious source, Stefani wanted to know just why Shelton hadn’t proposed yet and Shelton confessed that he wasn’t planning to marry her at all. The country music superstar, who has been married twice before, was supposedly gun-shy about getting married a third time, “but that didn’t seem to matter to Gwen,” the tipster explains. “She was hurt, and stomped out of the house and checked into a hotel that night.”

They’ve been together for a long time, and she expected to have a ring on her finger by now. She’s dropped subtle hints, like picking up bridal magazines in front of him, but nothing ever changed.

Stefani allegedly “grew increasingly frustrated” with Shelton dragging his feet about marriage and “put a huge amount of pressure on him.” When Stefani first ran off, Shelton wasn’t too worried, but after a few hours, he had a change of heart. The source confides,

Apparently, he expected Gwen to come running back after their fight, and when she didn’t, the tables turned. He missed her like crazy, and it hit home that he’d taken her for granted. He realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life letting her go like that.

Shelton called Stefani over and over, begging for forgiveness and a second chance from his girlfriend of five years. Stefani “didn’t make it easy for him,” but after a few hours of Shelton “trying to win her over,” she finally gave in. In conclusion, the insider snitches, “He’s promised to make it up to her. Who knows, he may even end up popping the question after all.”

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There are so many holes in this story, it’s beginning to look like Swiss cheese. The main issue between the two, as the tabloid alleges, is that Blake Shelton didn’t want to marry. How exactly is he supposed to “make it up” to Gwen Stefani? By marrying her? If it was such an easy solution, why didn’t he just do so in the first place, or actually propose after she ran off? This article reads like something out of a soap opera or cheesy romance novel.

Besides, Stefani has publicly expressed how much she enjoys spending time with Shelton at home with her three boys. She recently told People that the family had just moved into their new LA home, adding, “It's exciting. Yesterday we did Halloween decorating and cookies. It's nonstop creativity over here.” That doesn’t sound like a woman who spent a night in a hotel, angry over a missed proposal.

This isn't even the first time In Touch has claimed Stefani threatened to leave Shelton over a proposal, or lack thereof. Last December, the tabloid insisted Stefani was prepared to walk away from the relationship if Shelton didn't propose. Gossip Cop learned from our own source close to the couple that the rumor was total nonsense. Obviously, in the time since the article was published, Stefani hasn't broken up with the country crooner, proving our judgement was correct. When the tabloid wasn't predicting a breakup, it was predicting that Stefani would announce a pregnancy. The outlet claimed last summer that Stefani was pregnant with a baby girl, but that claim also turned out to be false. Clearly, this outlet just isn't to be trusted when it comes to news about Stefani and Shelton's relationship.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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