Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton NOT “Torn Apart” By Contestant “Flirtation” On “The Voice,” Despite Report

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Gwen Stefani Flirting The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Flirting The Voice


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are NOT being “torn apart” by her innocent flirtation with a contestant on “The Voice,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on.

RadarOnline dramatically blares in a headline on Friday, “Blake & Gwen Torn Apart! Why Her Flirtation With A Contestant Crossed The Line.” The accompanying story says, “Blake Shelton is NOT cool at all with his ‘Cool’ singer girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s flirty behavior lately, especially when she does it in front of him!” The site is referring to comments Stefani made on Tuesday’s episode.

As Gossip Cop reported, after the Battle between Chris Blue and RJ Collins, Stefani told Blue she was “mesmerized by [his] body” as he performed. There was many laughs over her comments, and Shelton even quipped about the contender, “I hope you’re not available to steal, because then I’ll probably lose my girlfriend.” It was all very funny and very lighthearted (see video below).

But now according to this webloid, Shelton “flipped out backstage” after “the camera’s [sic] stopped rolling!” A so-called “show insider” claims to the outlet, “Blake is constantly talking about how he thinks that Gwen is too hot for him and when she flirted with the hot younger contestant, he got upset about it and was giving her the cold shoulder afterwards.”

The supposed source adds, “You could just tell that there is a lot of tension between the two of them right now. They are not having the same type of interactions that they used to have, on-camera or off-camera.” The allegations are reminiscent of a story posted by the online publication last week, in which it was wrongly claimed Shelton and Stefani were fighting over “The Voice.”

RadarOnline is now continuing that false narrative by twisting an innocent, hilarious moment into something sensational and salacious. It’s also worth noting that this episode was filmed more than a month ago, but the site suddenly has an “insider” revealing the “drama” that supposedly went down backstage. Gossip Cop was similarly suspicious on Thursday when the blog ran a story about Celine Dion throwing a “diva fit” on “The Voice.”

Again, these episodes taped more than a month ago, yet the webloid conveniently, and magically, now has a “show insider” to share unflattering details only after the episodes aired. A skeptic might think RadarOnline watched or read about the shows this week, and then manufactured scandalous articles around them. It’s certainly fishy.

Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted RadarOnline for its stories about Stefani, Shelton and “The Voice,” confirming each and every one is false. That is once again the case here. There was no backstage issue when Blue’s episode was taped, and the couple certainly hasn’t been “torn apart” by the show. On the contrary, Stefani and Shelton remain happily together.

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