Story About Gwen Stefani Boys’ “Strong Bond” With Blake Shelton Made Up

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Gwen Stefani Sons Blake Shelton Bond

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Sons Blake Shelton Bond

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An article about Gwen Stefani’s boys having a “strong bond” with Blake Shelton was made up. The story is another example of a webloid trying to pass off obvious, well-known information as an “exclusive.” Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

“Gwen Stefani’s Boys Have A ‘Strong Bond’ With Blake Shelton & Would Be Rocked By A Split,” HollywoodLife is announcing in one of its “duh!” headlines. In the accompanying article, the site claims it “learned exclusively Gwen’s 3 sons truly adore Blake, & they would be super devastated if they split.” Noting this week’s false report about Shelton dumping Stefani, the outlet contends, “If the two really had decided to call it quits, their fans wouldn’t have been the only heartbroken ones. Gwen’s young boys: Kingston, 11; Zuma, 9; and Apollo Rossdale, 3, have all fallen in love with the country crooner, and a sudden split would NOT be easy for them to take.”

A so-called “source close to the couple” is quoted as saying, “Gwen’s kids would be rocked by a split with Blake. They have so much fun with Blake and learn so many cool things whenever they get together. The boys have really fallen in love with Blake and have a strong bond with their mother’s boyfriend. They are very much attached to Blake and hope he is around for a long time.”

This isn’t a news flash. Over the last year and a half, Shelton has been seen out with Stefani’s kids numerous times. A supposed “source” isn’t needed to reveal he and the boys have a bond when their social media posts have revealed that for months (see photo above). And given those outings and the documentation of the relationship on Instagram and Snapchat, it stands to reason that, yes, Stefani’s sons would be bummed if their mom and Shelton called it quits. This is not a scoop. It’s an obvious conclusion.

And the online publication only crafted this tale to piggy-back off the false Shelton-Stefani split report, which HollywoodLies actually first reported as true before flip-flopping. If the webloid really had a “source close to the couple,” it would’ve known from the start that there was no breakup. Now the site is actually continuing to a show a disregard for the truth in favor of fueling rumors, as it ends this current piece by asking readers, “Do YOU think Blake and Gwen’s relationship is actually on the rocks?” Rather than deliver actual “exclusive” news, the outlet is just trying to stir the pot. It’s pretty pathetic.

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