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Is Gwen Stefani really unable to sell tickets for her Las Vegas residency? That's the misinformation one tabloid is spreading this week. Gossip Cop can help correct the record.

"Gwen's Vegas Gamble Goes Bust," reads an inaccurate headline in the new issue of Star. Referencing the singer's music, the magazine begins by contending, "Vegas has been anything but a Sweet Escape for Gwen Stefani as she struggles to sell tickets" for her concert series. A so-called "tipster" is quoted as saying, "Thousand of tickets are still on sale for concerts just days away." It's even alleged "one website was dumping them at a 75 percent discount."

The outlet claims Stefani is "terrified she'll be anything but a Rich Girl" due to these alleged box office woes, so she's "cajoled boyfriend Blake Shelton into giving 'The Voice' an ultimatum." The demand is said to be, "Bring back Gwen, or I quit!" A purported "insider" asserts, "It appears that Blake is trying to do the honorable thing for his girl and throw his weight around at NBC. After the lackluster response in Vegas, she's going to need the check."

But Stefani doesn't "need the check," and she doesn't need Shelton to issue an "ultimatum" on her behalf. Last year, "The Voice" producer Mark Burnett said Stefani is "always" welcome back on the show, and it's just a matter of scheduling. As for her concert career, it's already been explained that Stefani's residency is, in fact, selling tickets and getting a response that's anything but "lackluster."

A spokesperson for the Zappos Theater said in a statement last week, "The reaction to Gwen Stefani's 'Just A Girl' residency has been nothing short of overwhelming. From the sold-out opening night onward, Gwen, Caesars Entertainment, and Live Nation are all elated." The rep continued, "Not only have ticket sales wildly surpassed everyone's expectations, but most importantly the critical acclaim for Gwen's biggest creative undertaking to date has blown everyone away."

Furthermore, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is known for its credible coverage of Sin City's many shows, did a whole story last week about how Stefani is getting up to 90 percent capacity at her residency concerts, which is considered ideal. Contrary to the contention that her gig is a "bust," it was reported that the box office returns show the series is "doing well enough to make a profit."

It was further explained that sell-outs are "really rare," and not an indicator of long-term success. "That's a winning show. That's a show that makes money," one entertainment veteran said about Stefani's residency in the report. In other words, neither the concert series nor Stefani's career is in jeopardy.

Gossip Cop suspects Star was inspired to run this misguided story after its sister site, RadarOnline, posted a similarly false tale online earlier this month. The blog, however, later deleted its article, though it never issued a correction or a retraction. Perhaps the tabloid and the website can do one together.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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