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Gwen Stefani has long been one of the music industry's top stars, but her relationship with Blake Shelton really turned the No Doubt front woman into a tabloid fixation. The gossip media regularly spreads misinformation about the songstress, to the point where Gossip Cop has corrected more than two dozen rumors about her just since March. Check out five of the recent wrong claims below.

In early March, In Touch published a cover story announcing Stefani had been "dumped." She was described as "humiliated" and "heartbroken" after Shelton had supposedly "left her." The tabloid claimed the country superstar had been "looking for the exit for a while" after "growing tired of dealing with their many problems." And following the "nastiest argument ever" around February 24, it was alleged he "took off without even saying goodbye," which marked a "turning point" in the broken romance. But as Gossip Cop pointed out, on February 25 Stefani and Shelton were happily together at her son's birthday party. We also confirmed with Stefani's spokesperson that the couple hadn't broken up. Time has since shown we were right, as the stars remain together.

Just one month later, the magazine's sister publication, Life & Style, went in the opposite direction with a cover story that declared Stefani and Shelton were having a "wedding & a baby." To make readers think she was expecting, the outlet took a photo of Stefani walking on the beach and photoshopped out the alcoholic beverage that was in her hand. Gossip Cop exposed the deception, and accurately reported Stefani wasn't pregnant. As for the contention that a marriage was in the offing, we pointed out that Shelton did a radio interview in which he specifically said they weren't "close to calling a wedding planner."

The marriage narrative continued, however, in May when the National Enquirer and RadarOnline both alleged Stefani and her parents asked Shelton to convert to Catholicism in order for them to wed. It was also claimed that he had stopped drinking at the request of his supposed bride-to-be. That was easily disproven, though, as just days prior Shelton had used his own Twitter page to show himself enjoying a vodka drink with Stefani by his side. Additionally, Stefani's rep told Gossip Cop that it wasn't true she and her family were forcing Shelton to change religions. And just a few weeks prior, Shelton himself said that he thinks about marrying Stefani, but it wouldn't be happening "any time soon."

When not connecting to Stefani to nonexistent marriages, splits and babies, some like to use holidays as an excuse to exploit her with phony stories designed to lure in fans. That was evident earlier this month when HollywoodLife pretended to know the star's Mother's Day plans. The site maintained Stefani was convinced the "special day will involve a trip of some kind" and was "hoping it will be somewhere country." Gossip Cop noted, however, that the blog was merely making a guess based on well-known information: Stefani and Shelton took a vacation to Yosemite for Mother's Day in 2017, and they enjoy spending time outdoors. Her rep further told us that the website's insight wasn't real, and that was proven true days later when Stefani and Shelton spent Mother's Day in Los Angeles, not on a trip in the country.

Of course, not all rumors about Stefani have to do with Shelton and her personal life. Only one week ago, OK! picked up a story from Life & Style that claimed Stefani was in talks to host her own cooking show on the Food Network. It was alleged the longtime performer was "ready to take the leap" and become a full-time chef, urged on in part by Giada de Laurentiis. A purported "insider" was even quoted as saying, "The Food Network is super excited to work with Gwen." But when Gossip Cop investigated, we learned the network wasn't aware of any such plans, and Stefani's spokesperson also told us it was "untrue" she was pursuing such a project. And the notion that she was ditching music to focus on food was demonstrably wrong since Stefani is launching a Las Vegas residency in June.

As indicated in these examples, it can be relatively easy to do research and uncover what's legitimate and what's not. In addition, time itself often shows how unreliable the tabloids are when it comes to Stefani, as well as many other stars. Gossip Cop will continue to transparently explain how to separate facts from all the fiction going forward.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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