Gwen Stefani “Devastated” Over Miranda Lambert Album?

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Gwen Stefani Reaction Miranda Lambert Album

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Reaction Miranda Lambert Album

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Gwen Stefani is devastated over Miranda Lambert’s new album? That’s the latest from the tabloids, which claim there’s new developments in the feud between Blake Shelton’s girlfriend and his ex-wife. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s real and what’s rumor.

“Miranda’s Revenge On Gwen,” blares a headline in the new edition of In Touch. The story is all about Lambert’s new album, The Weight Of These Wings, and contends that the well-reviewed record is an embarrassing setback for Stefani. “Gwen has got to be devastated by what a modern country masterpiece Miranda’s made,” a so-called “friend” is quoted as saying.

Naturally, the magazine says “she is,” claiming Stefani is “wallowing in misery.” According to a supposed source, “With Miranda’s album making news like this, it’s a constant reminder of Blake’s past with another woman — and how she’s just on an entirely different level than Gwen.”

“Miranda’s album sales are going to absolutely eclipse Gwen’s. It’s just another bitter pill for the pop star to swallow,” the source alleges to the outlet, which claims Stefani is “obsessing over Miranda’s album” even though she hasn’t actually listened to it. “It has to be very hard for Gwen because Miranda is an absolutely beloved artist who is a household name all over the country,” asserts the snitch.

Lambert’s “friend” goes on to say, “Miranda’s new album is a master class in country music. It makes the disposable pop of Gwen’s This Is What The Truth Feels Like pale in comparison.” Of course, that’s actually a matter of opinion, not fact, and so is the statement that Lambert “wins hands down when it comes to the competition for happiness and artist satisfaction.”

Here’s the more important thing: There is NO “competition,” except the one created by the tabloids, which continually pit the two women against each other. In actuality, though, neither singer is measuring her life by the other’s. While they may both be performers, the two are in entirely different music lanes and comparing them makes about as much sense as comparing Carrie Underwood to Ariana Grande.

Simply put, their careers have nothing to do with each other, and one’s success isn’t at the expense of the other’s. Lambert is involved in multiple projects, as is Stefani, who is also busy raising three children. She is not spending her time “wallowing” over Lambert’s album. Gossip Cop is once again told these feud claims are “ridiculous.” Or, in other words, it’s all a ridiculously untrue rumor.

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