Gwen Stefani “Bored” At Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma Ranch?

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Gwen Stefani Ranch Blake Shelton

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Ranch Blake Shelton

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Is Gwen Stefani “bored” with spending time at Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch? A report from the tabloids claims she’s unhappy with the relationship. Gossip Cop, however, has the truth.

The story can be found in the pages of Star, which declares in a headline, “Blake & Gwen Bored Already!” It’s said in the accompanying article, “Gwen Stefani begged Blake Shelton to make her more like him, but sources tell Star the Orange County girl is coming down with cabin fever at the country crooner’s home in Tishomingo, Okla.”

“Gwen isn’t the type to sit and watch the sun set, and there’s only, like, five stores in town,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine. “The last time they were there, the Wi-Fi went down. Gwen was going to lose her mind if they played one more game of Monopoly!”

What’s more, though, is the outlet contends Shelton “could use some space, too.” Its alleged tipster claims, “Gwen goes from suffocating to stir crazy in a snap. Blake wanted his place to become a second home for Gwen and her boys, but it might be too much, too soon. He’s starting to think they rushed into this.”

Well, that’s odd, given this is coming from the same publication that previously claimed Stefani and Shelton would be having a wedding in late October. Now here we are in late October, and not only are there no nuptials in the works, but now Star has changed its angle to allege the couple is on the rocks. But this new tale is no more accurate than the old one.

Far from being “bored” at Shelton’s ranch, Stefani actually enjoys going there. In fact, in a People magazine feature published earlier this month, she recounted, “One day off on tour, we were in Texas and all decided to just drive our buses to the ranch. We just had a really fun day off being in the country. Growing up in Anaheim, my version of the country was the beach or the local park. There wasn’t a lot of that kind of experience, so it’s been really fun.”

In other words, the opposite of what the tabloid is claiming. Shelton has been nothing but welcoming of Stefani’s presence, and she is nothing but grateful that she is, indeed, welcomed there. This tabloid story simply isn’t true.

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