Gwen Stefani Threatening To Quit “The Voice”?

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Gwen Stefani Quitting The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Gwen Stefani Quitting The Voice

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Gwen Stefani is not threatening to quit “The Voice,” despite a new report filled with errors. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claims.

According to RadarOnline, Stefani “wants out” of her alleged contact with the NBC music competition after an “explosive on-set fight” with executives. The site says the singer “who is currently a mentor on Shelton’s Team Blake – is ready to cut her losses and leave this season of the show!” The reason?

The webloid claims that after Stefani was “replaced” this season with Christina Aguilera, it “ignited a behind the scenes war.” That “war” was supposedly made worse when it was revealed Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys will be on board for the next cycle. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Gwen is livid that she was not asked to replace Christina on’ The Voice’ next season.”

“And because of this she wants to quit the show altogether,” claims the supposed snitch. “She and Blake [Shelton] seem to feel that Christina was responsible for this because she wanted to piss Gwen off. And it did!”

But here is SO much wrong with this story, Gossip Cop almost isn’t sure where to start. Well, first off, Stefani is NOT “currently” a mentor on Shelton’s team. Her role as a guest adviser, which was pre-taped, ended with the episodes broadcast in March. She’s not considering leaving “this season of the show” because she’s not a part of the show.

Second, Stefani does not feel snubbed over Cyrus and Keys joining for next season, because she is going on tour. Her concert obligations mean she’s not even available to be a coach given that the tour is currently scheduled through October and filming begins during the summer. Furthermore, as Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported, Stefani wasn’t “replaced” by Aguilera, as it was always the plan for the latter to return as part of her one season on/one season off schedule.

There is no feud between them, and, in fact, Aguilera was seen enjoying Stefani’s guest performance on a results show less than two weeks ago. If there was such a behind-the-scenes dust-up, why would Stefani have been invited to make the special appearance? All these mistakes prove RadarOnline simply just does not know what it is talking about. A rep for Stefani also exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the claim she is threatening to quit “The Voice” is “untrue.”

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Gwen Stefani is threatening to quit “The Voice.”

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