Gwen Stefani dropped a "prenup bombshell" on Blake Shelton, according to a tabloid report. The story claims the country superstar was left "shocked" when his girlfriend asked him to "sign on the dotted line." Gossip Cop looked into the assertions.

Star contends in its new issue that Stefani told Shelton late last month that she wants a prenuptial agreement. "They were excitedly discussing plans for a wedding when Gwen said she had some papers she wanted him to sign. Blake was stunned. He didn't think she'd pull that on him. He believed they were in love and ready to make a serious commitment, and that she's the one. But this prenup is making him think that she's not so sure," a so-called "confidante" is quoted as saying. Gossip Cop can't help but wonder how trustworthy this "confidante" is if he or she spilled such personal, private information to a tabloid.

And if the gossip magazine really has a "confidante" with inside knowledge, why does it refer to a "rumored stipulation that if Blake cheats, Gwen gets $5 million"? Shouldn't the outlet, if its supposed source actually exists and is truly informed, know something beyond rumors? One would think, particularly since the publication goes on to make claims about how the pair would divide property if they divorced. But that brings another red flag. It's said, "Gwen's prenup reportedly stipulates that she'll keep the tropically decorated Oklahoma compound Blake gifted her." Again, with a real source, the tabloid should know beyond "reportedly," and, frankly, if the couple splits, why would Stefani want to keep a residence in Shelton's hometown?

Here's the biggest problem of all: Star has such a bad track record, it falsely claimed more than once that Stefani and Shelton were having a wedding in October of last year. And when that didn't happen, the magazine lied about having a copy of an alleged Stefani-Shelton wedding invitation for May 2017. Of course, no nuptials took place then either. So after two untrue wedding reports, readers are supposed to believe the outlet now has the details of a prenuptial agreement for a future marriage? Please.

The publication asks in its new tale, "Will [Stefani's] legal demands put a crimp in Blake's plans for happily ever after?" In a word: No. Gossip Cop is told that Stefani and Shelton are on the same page when it comes to their future, and that's not a page anyone close to them would be discussing with a tabloid. A rep for the No Doubt front woman also dismissed the report.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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