In Touch is flip-flopping on Gwen Stefani being pregnant, one week after falsely claiming she was showing off a "baby bump." Gossip Cop can explain how the tabloid is still lying, rather than taking responsibility for its untruths.

In last week's issue, the gossip magazine announced Stefani had a "baby on the way." The article was partially based on a supposed "eyewitness," who alleged she looked "obviously" pregnant while trick-or-treating. The outlet also quoted a purported "source," who maintained Stefani was undergoing IVF and asserted, "Friends are saying that Gwen is pregnant right now." This alleged snitch further claimed, "Friends don't expect a pregnancy announcement until she is well into her fourth month, if not even longer than that."

Gossip Cop pointed out a number of holes in the story, and now in its new edition, the publication is trying to change its manufactured narrative to explain why Stefani doesn't really have a bump. In this report, it's alleged, "Gwen believed she was pregnant and later learned she wasn't." So instead of acknowledging that it wrongly contended based on an "eyewitness" and a "source" that Stefani was pregnant, the tabloid is actually putting the blame on the singer herself, asserting she was the one mistaken. That takes a lot of nerve.

The magazine gallingly calls this a "setback" for Stefani, and alleges she's having a "tough time." The so-called "source" quoted here claims, "Her doctors have told her to avoid stress, but it's hard with the holidays coming up and ongoing issues with her ex-husband." Neither the outlet nor its supposed tipster say what those "issues" are. And this depressing characterization of the No Doubt front woman stands in contrast to the joyful spirit she's displayed in interviews this week, which have included Stefani gushing about her Christmas plans. In other words, she's doing just fine.

The same can't be said for In Touch, which actually has a documented history of flip-flopping on various celebrity topics, such as whether Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were divorcing. Just like now, the tabloid took no responsibility for spreading misinformation. Perhaps if the magazine had better "sources" or cared about fact-checking, it wouldn't have to flip-flop at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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