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A tabloid is speculating Gwen Stefani is pregnant with Blake Shelton's baby because she was spotted at a Los Angeles hospital. Gossip Cop can confirm this assumption is wrong. As we recently reported, the songstress is not pregnant.

But according to the latest edition of NW, Stefani and Shelton "haven't wasted any time in growing their family together." Contends the gossip magazine, "The mother of three, 48, was recently spotted at LA's Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the same place she gave birth to her sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, leading many to suggest she was going in for a pregnancy check-up." The outlet acknowledges that Stefani and Shelton "haven't officially confirmed they are indeed expecting," but maintains they aren't "the only ones eager to welcome a new addition."

The tabloid claims Stefani's sons have been "praying for a sister," an allegation that seems to have inspired the headline for this tale: "Gwen & Blake Praying For A Daughter." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying about the boys, "They have even been asking for a baby sister when they say their bedtime prayers." That statement sounded familiar to Gossip Cop, and that's because it was plagiarized from a questionable April 7 HollywoodLife "exclusive" about Stefani's kids supposedly wanting her to have a baby with Shelton.

In other words, NW doesn't really have a "source." That's hardly the only problem here. While the magazine features a picture of the hospital, Cedars-Sinai's Fertility And Reproductive Center is located in an entirely separate facility nearly a mile away. If Stefani was seeking a "pregnancy check-up," she wouldn't be at the main hospital. Of course, a woman need not be pregnant to go to the gynecologist, nor does one need to be pregnant to go to a hospital. Cedars-Sinai handles a range of health issues. In fact, Stefani was hospitalized there almost exactly a year ago after rupturing her ear drum.

Apparently the outlet didn't consider any of that, or another possibility: Given that it's a hospital, Stefani could've been visiting someone who is a patient there. But merely because paparazzi photographed the singer in one of the parking lots on April 6, she must be pregnant. That conclusion is quite the leap and completely unsubstantiated. It's also just not accurate. Earlier this month her rep told Gossip Cop on the record that it's "untrue" Stefani is having a baby.

And it's pretty obvious from her schedule that a pregnancy would not fit into her life right now. As just announced last week, Stefani is kicking off a Las Vegas residency in June. Dates are currently scheduled through March of next year. It would be virtually impossible for her to get pregnant and have a baby during that span of time while keeping up with her professional obligations. Of course, Gossip Cop suspects that won't stop the tabloids from continuing to peddle flawed narratives like this one. But we'll keep correcting such stories and pointing out the red flags as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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